Logo Intro 3D Animation Project – ST851 – How Its Made

We would like to present you a process of making of one of our latest logo animation videos. Here you will find useful informations about possible steps in the production of animated logo stinger for your YouTube channel.

Firstly client contacted us over our website asking if we would be able to produce YouTube animated stinger for their new channel. After short conversation client have sent us their original logo in png format (non vector)

Client’s Original Logo

After we agreed about project and client picked us for this logo video production project we started with the work. First step was to trace out client’s logo into usable vector format like AI or PDF.

Traced Out Logo

After we got client’s logo into vector format we are ready to dive into 3D world of making logo animation.

It took us some time before we stepped out with the first preview in the process of creating logo intro animation. First draft was sent to the client for the confirmation of general look and layout of the video.

First 3D Draft – Static Image Without Any Animation

Once our client was happy with overall look of their logo in 3D we proceeded with the production of the logo 3D animation. We have added visual effects like smoking trails, glowing lines, 3d particles and lens effects as well as some color corrections etc…

At the end we added one of the most important aspects of the good 3D animated logo intro – Sound effects!

Client then given us final set of amends to do on the project. It did not take too much time before we sent our final preview to the client. They where very happy with the logo video intro project we produced for them. This is the final product:

Final Logo 3D Animated Intro

If you like our production pipeline and if You are in need of Logo Intro 3D Animation for Your company, please do not hesitate and contact us over our contact page for any request or question you may have. You can also check out our Logo Animation Production web page for more recent works.

This is part of the email conversation we got from the our client. Please read what they say about our work:

Wow! You work fast! And the first draft is amazing, well done sir. I do have a few minor adjustments. I am discussing those changes with my partner and will give you feedback as soon as I can! Again very nice! You are well worth the money. Once this is done I have two more logos to have done and my business will go to you!

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