Pine Tree Free 3D Model In Blender Format

Pine Tree Free 3D Model

Its time for another freebie. Today we giving away pine tree free 3d model for blender 3d. This pine tree 3d model is free to download and modify and it is licensed under CC-BY license which means you can use it commercially. It looks pretty good and renders pretty fast. We have created it and used it in a one project and we where thinking why wouldn’t we share it with the world.

Video preview below:

This pine tree 3d model have a separate material for pine needles. It is mix between standard diffuse shader and translucent shader which adds on photorealism.

Pine Tree Free 3D Model Pines

Ambient occlusion pass of the pine tree 3d model below

Pine Tree Free 3D Model Big

Feel free to download and share this file as well as comment in section below. We would gladly like to hear your opinion.

Pine tree 3d model for Blender 3D download:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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