Animate My Logo – Recent Logo 3D Animation

We had a pleasure to work on a new interesting logo animation project. Client asked us: “Guys can you animate my logo in a cinematic-horror style”. Of course we can!

Animate My Logo - Skeleton 3D Hands Logo Animation Project

Client liked the Twisted Pictures logo animation and asked us can he get a similar style logo animated video.

Idea was to animate skeleton hands with a logo words Art & Sould tattooed on the fingers. Client sent us photo of hands to show us idea and the style of the tattoo on the hands.

Tatooed Hands As A Reference Photo For Logo Animation Project

In addition to that client wanted us to add a pumping heart before the final logo and to be made out of a film tape. So we got idea: why not to animate heart building up from an animated film tape. Then we started with the production…

Skeleton Hands 3D Animation For A Logo Animation Project

We had to model, rig and animate thes keletion hands and after we done that we sent preview of the animation to the client and we where looking for the clients feedback.

Client loved the first shots and confirmed the hands animation. Next step: production of the pumping heart and its 3d animation.

Pumping Heart 3D Animation For A Logo Animation Project

Modeling 3d heart from the film tape was a funny and nice expereince and it was smooth task using lovely Blender 3D software.

Once all modeling, animation and texturing work is done and ready for the rendering and postproduction work as well as adding music and sound effects, we rendered this logo animation out.

After postproduction work is finished and sound is added to the video this logo animation project was ready for the clients approval. Client was really happy with what we achieved so we are. For us that is most important thing that matter.

Please check the final logo animation video below:

Feel free to check out our logo 3d animation  projects on our showcase page. Click here.

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