Intro For Youtube – The Lift Project Logo Animation

As a Youtube channel owner You definitely want to stand above the sea of new and uprising Youtube channels. You want to be easily recognizable from the opening of your videos onward. Intro for Youtube is service we provide our clients with. Usually our clients asking us for logo animation production using their original branding logo design. As a first step we ask our clients to send us their logo in vector format like PDF, AI or EPS etc…

Client’s original logo design

Next step we do is separating the logo on its main parts that will be animated. Beside that we start brainstorming animation concepts which will best fit original client’s idea.

In this particular project (The Lift Project intro for Youtube) client wanted us to show their logo main title lifting up in some way. They suggested characters LIFT to rise up from the bottom of the screen. Simultaneously we suggested a idea of T cross symbol morphing from the up arrow into the original symbol over the course of the logo animation.

Main logo elements with finished animation

Once our client was satisfied and confirmed the look of the initial logo animation we have added the rest of the following logo elements as well as background colors, shadows etc… We then exported the final logo animation project into the format suitable for the client so they can use it in the software like Final Cut Pro, iMovie or Premiere Pro and add it on the beginning of every further video they produce and upload to their Youtube channel.

This is just one example of many logo animation projects we have done in the past for our clients. Please take a moment to look at our other logo 3d animated intro videos we have on our logo animations showcase page.

If you own a Youtube channel and need awesome intro for Youtube please feel free to contact us immediately. We will be happy to work with you!

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