Logo Animation – Logo Intro Video For Youtube

Logo animation project we did recently for Germany based phone repair shop – Repair Zone. Our client asked us to create logo intro animated video for Youtube channel. We where provided with the client’s logo at the first steps of the communication with the client. Logo was made from yellow and black colors that looks like a under construction warning sign-tape so that was initial idea for this logo animation.

Client’s logotype design

Original free 3d model of the spaceship hangar by galliemichael

There where a lot of work to be invested into this hangar scene to fit our needs. A lot of texturing, shading and modeling work was involved.

In the meantime we worked on the animatic video for this project. FYI animatic means animated storyboard where client can easily see the flow of the animation as well as elements included in the structure and the overall look of this logo animation project.

Project animatic first version

Client was happy with the animatic and gave us green light for the further steps. We have proceeded with the importing 3d models into the scene, fixing small details and preparing next version of solid colors animation with current 3d models.

Next step animatic animation

After modeling and animation part of the project was completed we started with the rendering and postproduction phases. Once those phases are completed we had to add music and the sound effects to the logo animation video for it to be fully completed.

Feel free to check the final logo animation video below and let us your thoughts in the comments section of our website. We will gladly like to hear what would you have to say.

This project was just one of many logo animated intro video projects we’ve completed. Please check out rest logo animation projects here.

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