Flag Waving On Wind – After Effects + Element 3D Free Project Template

Its time for another freebie and this time we giving away worldwide flag waving on the wind free download – After Effects + Element 3D free template/project.

Project includes 6 countries flags but it is easily replaceable with any additional flag or texture you may need. Just easily turn on or off flag textures with one click. This waving flag is full 3d animated model so you can move the camera wherever you may like.

Waving Flag 3D Model Free After Effects Project Template

You can download other countries flags textures from http://flagpedia.net for free as well and then import and replace the texture without hassle in the Flag Texture composition.

Waving Flag 3D Model Free Adobe After Effects Template

Do you want nice cartoon looking country flag in one click? No problems at all just switch on Element 3D render mode to DRAFT and in the layer styles you can add black stroke border around it and voila cartoonish looking waving 3d flag is here:

Waving Flag 3D Model Free Cartoon Style

Along with After Effects waving flag free project template we giving away Blender 3D model of a waving flag as well so you can modify it and do whatever you like:

Waving Flag 3D Model Free Animated Gif

This waving flag 3d model is created by using cloth simulation and then exported/imported mesh cache as a modifier so we could create the animation loop easily.

Waving Flag 3D Model Free Blender 3D Project

This waving flag After Effects project file is 20 seconds long at 24 fps and it is made in full HD1920x1080p format. Animation loops perfectly. Also you can output video out with the transparent background or any other type of the background you may need.

We included in this waving flag 3D model giveaway:

  • After Effect + Element 3D waving flag project
  • Waving 3D Flags of USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Germany and Switzerland already included in the project
  • Waving Flag OBJ mesh sequence – Seamless loop
  • Blender 3D waving flag project – Seamless loop

To open and edit this project you need to have installed latest Adobe After Effects CC2017 as well as Element 3D version 2.2.2 or if you would like to work on the Blender 3D file then you need to download latest version of Blender 3D from https://www.blender.org/download/

Waving Flag 3D Render Free Download

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

By the way we have a nice brand new Piano Music Free Logo Animation that you may use however you want. Feel free to check it out as well as out other logo animation projects.

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