Free Film Clapperboard 3D Model – After Effects + Element 3D Project Template

We all love freebies and today we giving away another nice After Effects + Element 3D free project template

Film clapperboard 3d model or clapboard is a tool used in cinematography to mark the start of an scene so it is easier to get the montage done in phase after recording.

Film Clapperboard 3D Model Free After Effects Template

This clapperboard is a full textured 3d model suitable for any kind of a 3d animation project you may have. It is initially done in Blender 3D and then imported into Element 3D so it renders in realtime in After Effects project. You can play with the text and the textures or you may use it as it is with the 3-4 titles already pre-made.

Film Clapperboard 3D Model Free Blender 3D Project

Original Blender 3D file has clean quad mesh and it is unwrapped. This is pretty simple executed 3d model of a clapper but it can do the work for any project you may have either be it for cinema or web medium. Below you can load online 3d model viewer so you can view the clapperboard from all angles.

Included in this freebie:
– After Effects + Element 3D project template
– Blender 3D model

To open and edit this project you need to have installed latest After Effects CC2017 as well as Element 3D version 2.2.2 or if you would like to work on the Blender 3D file then you need to download latest version of Blender 3D from

Clapperboard 3D Free Render

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

By the way we have a nice brand new Piano Music Free Logo Animation that you may use however you want. Check it out.

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