100 USD Bill Free Video Background – After Effects And Element 3D Project Template

Hey! Its Sunday, which means its a day for another freebie! This Sunday we giving away a 100 USD bill video background and Adobe After Effects + Element 3D project template for free.

In this video background we animated four rows of 100 USD banknotes moving slowly from left to the right side of the scene. Once video reaches the end the animation is looped to the beginning of the video so it seamlessly loops for 20 seconds.

Money Bill After Effects 3D Project + Element 3D Wireframe Preview

This is only 5 seconds gif preview but at 20 seconds which is full project length animation seamlessly loops.

Banknotes 3D Model Animation Preview

This 100 USD bill AE + E3D project is in full 3D and that means that you can edit it however you want. You can edit camera animation, banknotes position, randomness, animation length and so on.

100 USD Bill After Effects Free Project Replaceable Texture

We used 100 USD as a banknote but you can easily replace it by replacing the texture of the bills with any other you want. Just replace the layer in the “Bill Texture” Composition.

100 USD Bill Free After Effects Element 3D Project Template

Again, the Element 3D AE plugin by Videocopilot did the great job handling many of the 100 USD bill 3D model instances. This project is rendered on the Macbook Pro mid-2014 without any problems at high sampling rendering settings.

100 USD Bill Element 3D

This time we separated the downloadable files so you can download the video background on it’s own and use it straight out of the box. Beside that you can download the 100 USD bill After Effects + Element 3D project and edit it however you like.

100 USD Banknotes Pilled Up Free Image

Included files in this freebie:
– 100 USD bill video background 20 seconds seamlessly loopable mp4 file at 24fps
– After Effects + Element 3D project template so you can edit it however you want

To open and edit this project you need to have latest After Effects CC2017 as well as Element 3D version 2.2.2

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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