Liquid Animations For After Effects: Pro Packs & Free Alternatives

There is something that logo animations, lyrics videos and short movies all have in common: Liquid Animations for After Effects, Sony Vegas, Premiere or any other video production software. They are now everywhere, spreading through the internet ever since the first music videos featuring them got a lot of attention. Not to be misunderstood as Fluid animation, Liquid animations are… Read more →

Free Overlays featured

Free Blood & Horror Video Overlays for Friday The 13th

Today, for the second time this year, we are blessed with an occasion in which we can scare our friends and families using our videos, and have them enjoy it! It’s not Halloween yet, though that will be our 3rd chance, so click HERE for some FREE Halloween Stuff (exclusive logo intro video included) we posted on our website recently, and… Read more →

Featured Halloween

Halloween 2017: Free Graphics, Vectors and Exclusive Free Logo Intro Video

Every year, a bunch of new and exciting designs overflow the internet, and when it’s time for Halloween, all we see are bats, pumpkins, witches, all colored in orange and black, occasionally brown. Pool of Halloween-themed graphics has never been bigger, and if you needed a free vector, image, template or a free logo intro video of good quality for your project, you… Read more →

White Rose

Fully Free Stock Files: Photo, Illustrations, Vectors and Videos

There are many stock image, vector & video websites on the internet, but many of them that upload original content daily. Fortunately, we will present to you a few of our favorite ones that we follow and use! We will exclude a few websites that are popular but have only premium options, and instead we will show you websites full of… Read more →

Traditional 2D Vs 3D Animation

Key Differences Between Traditional 2D And 3D Animation

When you watch an animated film, it’s very easy to notice the difference between 2D and 3D animation. Anyone can point out that this is 2D and that is 3D. But what is the core difference between the two, other than the visual result? What does it mean to make a 2D animation as opposed to making a 3D one?… Read more →

Facebook Page Cover Video

What Is Facebook Page Cover Video And How To Get One

Not so long ago Facebook has allowed uploading of videos as a Facebook cover video instead of static cover photo. As technology advancing internet speeds are faster and faster everyday and video formats are smaller and loading much faster but keeping the same quality by a using of latest video compression technologies like mp4 etc… Facebook page cover video is… Read more →