How To Make Logo Animation Video For Yourself.

You probably do regular video blogging or video presentations and you asked yourself “how to make logo animation video?”. The time has come where thousands or more social media videos are published every day. They are here to grab your attention on various themes. But you know that you have to stand above the average of everyday video producers and… Read more →

Waddel - Original 2D Logo Design In Vector Format

2D Logo Animation – Waddel Intro Video Production

We had another nice 2d logo animation project for a client. She asked us to animate parts of her logo design in a nice and smooth way. Digital fingerprint hand element needed to be transformed from a power-fist position into open hand position. Also electronic elements had to follow the flow of this 2d logo animation project. Client sent us… Read more →

Waving Flag 3D Render Free Download

Flag Waving On Wind – After Effects + Element 3D Free Project Template

Its time for another freebie and this time we giving away worldwide flag waving on the wind free download – After Effects + Element 3D free template/project. Project includes 6 countries flags but it is easily replaceable with any additional flag or texture you may need. Just easily turn on or off flag textures with one click. This waving flag… Read more →

Eleven Architectural 3D Visualizations That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

We decided to take you to another dimension with this set of eleven amazing architectural 3d visualizations. While watching this you will definitely feel like you’re there in the scene because they are so realistic. Also we may give you some ideas for your future home. Sit back and enjoy watching this set of amazing architectural computer generated videos. 1. The Third… Read more →

10 Sweetest Chocolate 3D Animations That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Today is Monday, so we decided to help get through this day by showing you top ten of the sweetest chocolate 3d animations produced. This animations are dangerous in case you’re on a diet, so be careful. 1. Magnum Number one for today is Magnum ice cream bar commercial. Spatial Harmonics Group did a great job with shading, lighting and… Read more →

Logo Animation – Logo Intro Video For Youtube

Logo animation project we did recently for Germany based phone repair shop – Repair Zone. Our client asked us to create logo intro animated video for Youtube channel. We where provided with the client’s logo at the first steps of the communication with the client. Logo was made from yellow and black colors that looks like a under construction warning… Read more →