Difference Between 2D and 3D Animated Logo Intro Video

We would like to show you main differences between 2d and 3d animated logo introductory video. Main difference is that 3d animated logo video intro requires more time for production but results are more appealing look of the animation, unlimited possibilities, viewing your logo 3d elements from many angles, more dynamic camera movement and so on.

Original  logo design provided by our client.


Example of 2d animated logo intro video:


As you may notice, elements of the logo 2d animated intro are flat and and they have not much of a extrusion and fine beveled edges. Also animation is much more limited then in a 3d animated logo intro video. But still animation looks sharp and modern.

Example of 3d animated logo intro video


In this example you can see big difference in elements motion as well as overall look of the 3d beveled edges, glossy materials and lights. As we said before there are unlimited number of possibilities when producing and animating 3d animated logo intro video.

So those are main differences between 2d and 3d animated logo design. Whichever you find suitable for your project or you like more, we will gladly jump in and help you in the production of your logo animated intro video for your company video, digital signage or a YouTube channel.

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