Top 10 Most Powerful Sport Logo 3D Animations Ever Made

Sport Logo Animations

This Saturday we present to you top ten of the most beautiful and powerful sport logo animations found on the Internet. They have one common thing and that is energetic kind of the animation. They are shiny, they are metallic, sharp and fast. Logo animations are presented in wide genres but sport genre is where they dominating the scene. Enjoy.

1. Central Army Sports Club (CSKA)

This great video is a mix of few different logo 3d animations showing various sports games in a similar metallic style. Done by a Black Brothers Group this is an gem in the 3d animation industry.

2. Sky Sport MotoGP Ident

Beautiful motorbike racing themed logo 3d animated opener for Sky television. This 3d animation is based about 3d rendered human character – racer who starts the race in a real world but he changes dimensions while he racing around the racing circuit. At the end of a track 3d racer entering the finish line on one wheel and the final logo comes in and settles down. This logo animation has few beautiful slow motion scenes which gives on the energy. This project is work of Jack Lietti and Dario Martino.

3. The Model 2016/ Kuwait

Bodybuilding 3d logo animation at its best. Again produced by a Black Brothers Group in their recognizable style. Mixture of heavy metal chains and weights they hit in the bullseye with this logo 3d animated opener. Animation flow is kept during whole video sequence. Again, great work.

4. Saudi TV Main Ident

This logo animation is a great mixture between 3d rendered video and live footage which is keyed out and background perfectly blended with a CGI. Amazing logo opener work by digitalquartz. At the beginning of this video all we see is a desert dune and stadium building from the ground up. Then 3d animation is mixed with the dynamic scenes of car and a horse racing. Atmosphere is building up to the closing sequence of the soccer player in a scissors kick slow motion pose to finalize with the wide scene of a stadium with a logo title.

5. Sport FM Logo 3D Animation

Another one of the top ten logo 3d animations this shown weekend. Amazing piece directed by Alex Mikhaylov for the Loop Company. This 3d animation artwork is full of transformers kind of transformations followed by a great robotic sound effects. It starts with the bike chain spinning powerfully cutting on the basketball ball and further on the soccer ball. At the end this 3d animation finishes on the Sport FM 3d logo.

6. Nova sport 3d animated openers

Magnificent mix of dozen logo 3d animated openers by a Oficina studio for Nova Sport TV channel. Beautiful executed 3d animation with amazing color grading post production is equal to the superb set of logo 3d animated sports openers. This 3d animation production is just on a new level along with sound effects that accompanying the video.

7. Super Rugby Opening “Origami Migration”

Origami styled sports logo animation opener? Yes it is possible to mix those 2 diametrically opposed things. Beautiful 3d animated opener for a super rugby event by a Onesal Japan. Two colored, black and pink style catching viewers attention at full. This opener lacks no details. Great 3d animation production work done here.

8. NO TODO PASA – TyC Sports

Another nice volcano themed sports logo 3d opener by a INLANDSTUDIO for Argentinian sport leader channel TyC Sports. Highly detailed 3d rendered animation is at the top notch level. Beautiful camera movement along with proper sound fx background equals win.

9. Ohio State Logo 3d animated opener

Highly detailed mechanical sports logo 3d animated video opener done by a Chris Guyot. Lovely building up atmosphere and ending pack-shot composition made this opener perfectly executed.

10. Yle Sport logo 3d animated video

Nice mixture of motion capture and particle simulation resulted in a amazingly good logo 3d animated video opener for a Finnish broadcasting company named Yle Sport. This great masterpiece is work of the Fake creative studio based in Helsinki.

Sport is a great genre for 3d animation production work because there are unlimited possibilities and stories to be told about it. No easy task was in front of us to pick up what we thought to be best picks of 3d logo animation videos among greatest. Those ten are well deserved their place at the top throne in the logo 3d animation industry.

Those sports themed logo animated intros are masterpieces at their finest. If you are into sports or building a club and you are in search for great team to help you in making of logo 3d animated intro video we are your best choice.

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Djordje Komljenovic

Author Bio

Djordje Komljenovic is a professional 3d animation and motion graphics designer for over past 20 years. He is owner and creative director at Quince Creative agency. Previously, he was working-force of a few of major television stations in here Serbia - hired as motion graphics producer.

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