Piano Logo Animation – Classic Music After Effects + Element 3D Template – FREE

Lets get back in time this weekend with this classical music piano free logo animation – Adobe After Effects + Element 3D free template project.

You may be a teacher at a music school, or you may have a music production studio, or a Youtube channel but if you are missing a logo intro animation this is a great chance to get it for free!

Smooth animation with nice cuts that follow the music are just some of the details of this great free music logo animation project.

This is a full 3D model of a piano in Element 3D that you can use for anything. Be it a tv commercial or a video presentation of any kind, you name it.

Piano Element 3D Free Model

You may want this logo animation video out of the box – no problems! We have included no-plugins version that you can use without the Element 3D plugin.

Edit Your Text After Effects Composition

Just replace the logo text and you are ready to go. It renders out fast because all the 3D elements in no-plugins version are rendered out into MOV file.

Edit Your Text Comp

We have also included free piano 3d model in OBJ format so you can import it in any 3D editing software like 3D Studio Max, Maya 3D or Cinema 4D and use it at its own. Materials – shaders are sorted and included as well in proper OBJ-MAT file.

Blender 3D Piano 3D Model Free

Beautiful camera movement with nice deep depth of field motion makes this piano music free logo animation template outstanding. Beautiful classic piano music theater atmosphere is visible and moving around the main subject.


Piano 3D model under CC-BY license by JohnsonMartin

Original Music under CC-BY license by Kai Engel

Interior Hall HDRI texture by Texturify

Included files in this freebie:

– Piano Music logo animation After Effects + Element 3D project template
– Piano 3D model in OBJ format
– No plugins version of logo animation

To open and edit this project you need to have installed latest After Effects CC2017 as well as Element 3D version 2.2.2

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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