Logo Design Animation – Logo Animation Project For C.L.C

Awesome logo design animation project we have completed recently for one of our client that is a writer. It started as a logo animation but it ended up as a cinematic opener.

Logo Design Animation C.L.C Project

How we started this logo design animation project

We got contacted by a client recently, who is a writer and in need of logo design animation for his hobby. He presented his amazing logo to us which is constructed of an old compass illustration with the logo text under it. Client asked us if we can create something that will have movement and transformations that are seen in the Transformers movie. Idea was to build compass up from its main constructing elements, in 3d space.

Our recipe for best possible logo design animation:

  1. First and foremost is to have a good quality logo design (if the logo design is poorly designed and lacks on quality it affects overall look of the final logo design animation video)
  2. Good idea – storyboard to send the message (unique ideas are what will make your video different and stand above the rest)
  3. Awesome background music (ever asked yourself why every good movie has stunning background music?)
  4. Nicely executed directing and animation flow (video montage must be pleasurable to the viewers)
  5. Pleasurable colors and color tones to fit the overall story.

Our client’s request

I want to incorporate a mysterious mist or fog that slowly starts to disappear revealing the lettering. I want all of the pieces of the compass to come together sort of like how a transformer transforms. The bottom of the compass, the pen will then complete the compass. I’m a creative writer so the pen part of the compass is pretty important. 

When we first checked the client’s logo design, we realized that it was a nicely designed logo and that it looks more like a logo from the Pirates of the Caribbean, than something that reminds us of Transformers. So we suggested it to the client, and after he accepted our idea we could proceed with animating it in that new style. Something more adventurous!

Client's Original Logo Design Ready For Logo Animation

Our next steps in logo design animation process

Our first task in the creation of this logo design animation was to make a 3D model and the textures of an old 3D compass, and make it possible to transform and build up slowly. As the 3D model of a compass has been created, we where able to continue with the next step: 3D Animation.

Compass 3D Model - Part Of Client's Logo Design

Animating the client’s logo design

For logo design animation to look amazing, it is usually best to get an impressive background soundtrack first, before proceeding with the animation process. This way we can get a real feeling of camera movement and mid scene cuts. To get best viewing experience for further viewers of this animated video, its very important that the visuals and the music work well together.

We have successfully picked up a great piece of background music for this logo design animation project. It was kind of a cinematic themed track that had some powerful impacting sounds, which worked well with the overall style that we wanted to achieve with this logo animated video.

Logo 3D animation started with only background being visible in the scene, then we introduced the main parts of the 3D compass into the scene with fast animation movement. Mixing both fast and slow-motion scenes proved to be a nice and pleasurable experience to watch.

Logo Design Animation Opening Scene

After the main parts of 3D compass were set in place, we proceeded with the showing of other 3D elements of the compass. You can see three rusty metal spikes coming out of the sides of the compass.

We have added some smoke trails around the spikes to add to the atmosphere of the logo design animation.

Logo Design Animation Compass Spikes

Once those parts took their place, we introduced the main element of this logo animation – ink pen metallic tip. Pen tip sharply cut in through the compass hole, straight into the viewers eye (figuratively speaking) followed by a nice sound effect that added a lot to the dynamics and the power of this logo animation.

Ink Pen Tip Coming Out Of 3D Compass

Video continued on, with the camera and focus movement from the tip of the pen to the whole view of the compass positioned at the middle of the screen and ready for the final position on the client’s logo design. Logo text slowly flies into the scene rotating around its Y axis and positioning it self under the compass.

Logo design animation was then ready or the closing sequence, where we transformed the 3D logo into the client’s original logo design on a plain white background. We used a smoke transition that fits the style we picked at the beginning and added the proper sound effect to follow the transition. It fit amazingly well. Client’s original logo zooms in slowly then for another few seconds to give our video viewers enough time to remember the branding!

Sending the logo design animation for the client’s review

Project was ready to be sent to the client for a review. We were really happy with the outcome of the first preview so we prepared the video and sent it over to the client. Client responded really promptly and with a lot of satisfaction regarding the preview. He was amazed with this logo design animation maybe even more than we were (it is questionable). He gave us instructions for a few small corrections on the video effects, logo transformation and final touches.

Logo design animation final video

We are really happy to show you this recent logo design animation project we did for C.L.C. We consider it a great project for us. We learned many new things as we always do from every new logo animation project we get and work on. But we have a feeling that this time we did even better then usual. You can judge!

Please take a sit and watch our logo animation video and maybe you get an idea to let us animate your logo design as well. We would happily hear your ideas and animate your logo design in a nice, new and unique way, to point out your company or personal branding even more!

Our client’s final words that left us without word

You have yet another satisfied customer. Thank you for your cooperation with me on this very important project. I understand I was very meticulous and I appreciate you making the changes I kept asking for. If in the near future I ever need any animation, I will come to Quince Media.

Technical background of this logo animation project: This project was made using Blender 3D and Element 3D– Two most powerful tools for 3D animation production that we work proudly with.

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