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Summer in Europe is beautiful, of course. Sunny, long days, and holidays… it doesn’t get better than that, does it? However, we have learned to appreciate every season, and we suggest the same to you: spring is beautiful because it signifies rebirth, winter reminds us of the beauties of summer which we take for granted each year, and autumn… Autumn brings those mood swings together with rain and various colors that seize our world. The feeling that rules over autumn, melancholy, brought us the idea to make this article. This melancholy can inspire, and these videos are the proof for that! We searched through some Vimeo videos for you, and picked some of the best nature 3D animation short movies. Although they were only 6 at the beginning, we decided to extend this list, so now we present you 8 beautiful melancholic nature animations! We hope that you will enjoy them!

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Once you see these 3D animated shorts, we guarantee that you will have your mind swinging like a carousel. Most of those short clips are made by a creative agencies around the world, but some are personal works of individual designers. We really appreciate the effort these people did – some of these 3D animated nature videos have even won awards! It takes a massive amount of time and work to make a short 3D animated movie, but even more if they are such impressive masterpieces, as those we will show you today.

So, sit back and get ready for an emotional journey through twelve amazing melancholic nature 3D animated short movies, handpicked for you!

1. Wrapped

Wrapped is one of our favorite nature 3D animation videos uploaded by Crave, and it is a short film made by a graduate of Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. It has an amazing story of the clash of modern civilization and nature. It won numerous awards around the globe, and it was shown within 100 festivals before it was released online. It is an animated masterpiece.

2. Forester Things

Cinema 4D Forester plug-in was used in an experimental video by pxlntwrk. In this short nature animated video, he tried simulating various vegetation settings and movement. Although this is only a test, it takes your emotions to a next level by mixing a nice video animation with background music that makes this short movie a real flick of emotions, inspired by nature.

3. Paper World by WWF Hungary

Another outstanding short 3D animated movie by WWF Hungary – Paper World. Amazing mix between two different places: Office on one side, and many nature habitats filled with animals correlating to each other. This masterpiece won 5 awards so far. The making-of video of this movie can be found following this link:

4. Perfect World – Katie Melua

An beautiful storytelling nature 3D animated short movie by Karni and Saul that will make your eyes tear. A heart-warming story about a mother and her child that split up and got lost in a snowy scenery. Amazing music track takes you to another parallel world, that this animation discovers.

5. Dream – WCFF

A sad story about animals fighting for survival, and telling their story visualized by Zombie Studio, and driven by a beautiful song “I Dreamed a Dream”. On the edge of extinction caused by humans, they are dreaming of their world that existed before we, humans, demolished it.

6. Only Now Nature 3D Animation

This 3D animated short video is literally out of this world. It takes us on a journey through our mistakes and choices. Amazing landscapes will bring your mind to another planet, which is at the same time similar to ours but different in a strange way. Real film experience packed into a bi more than 2 minutes of outstanding 3D animation. Credits: ThomHaig

7. Juice | BBC Winter Olympics Nature

So cold! It was time to show you a nature video set in winter. And not just any winter – this 3D nature animated video was used as a promotional clip for the Winter Olympic games in Sochi 2014. The animators say they edited every last snowflake by the rules of physics, and that is clear in this video. It makes us frozen with awe! Created by Juice for BBC.

8. Symphony no. 42

Even though this short nature animated movie is in 2D, we believe it is not less beautiful than all the other videos we showed you today. It was shown on the famous Berlinale film festival, among others, and it deserves our attention! Take a look at this amazing symphony, made by Reka Bucsi.

9. Chrysalis

This animated short film shows a perfect balance of nature and technology, and how they co-exist together in this world of Chrysalis. Immerse into this story of a reborn butterfly, flying into a world never seen before. Although it was made by joined forces of university students, this short animation does not lack precision. Watching this short film, we are sure that the future of animation is in good hands! Made by Chrysalis.

10. Guillaume Finta – Stillness of the Woods

This beautiful short animation was made in a shape of a music video. Watch the story of a fawn and a hunter – the purest shape of nature being hunted down. Although heartbreaking, this music video still holds very strong emotions. This short animation by Bram Knol is our pick for all of you who enjoy some soft, emotional moments!


From Aishkhi Experimental Animation Studio, comes PLANTO, an award winning 3D animated short film. We wanted to include short films from all over the world, because only that way we are able to look into the depths of nature 3D animation. Look into yet another story of a butterfly – will this one be different? 🙂

12. Sweet Cocoon

Last but not least, is Sweet Cocoon, made by ESMA. It seems like the butterfly theme is very popular among the 3d animation studios, but this time, we get to see two insects helping a caterpillar to turn into a beautiful butterfly. The CGBros is a channel featuring many 3D short animation movies, so if you liked the videos we showed you today, you should definitely visit their channel!

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We hope that we have shaken your emotions, at least a little bit, with this collection of 12 best melancholic nature animation short videos. Stay with us, because while you are reading, we are working hard to find another collection of best 3D animated videos around the globe, only for your pleasure. Feel free to subscribe!

Djordje Komljenovic

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Djordje Komljenovic is a professional 3d animation and motion graphics designer for over past 20 years. He is owner and creative director at Quince Creative agency. Previously, he was working-force of a few of major television stations in here Serbia - hired as motion graphics producer.

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