Fully Free Stock Files: Photo, Illustrations, Vectors and Videos

There are many stock image, vector & video websites on the internet, but many of them that upload original content daily. Fortunately, we will present to you a few of our favorite ones that we follow and use! We will exclude a few websites that are popular but have only premium options, and instead we will show you websites full of FREE content that is uploaded and upgraded daily.

White Rose
A free image taken from unsplash.com!


The first website presented today will be UNSPLASH.COM 

Unsplash features over 300.000 photos and images placed under many categories to choose from, by the world’s most generous photographers.

The best part is that every single photo on this website is absolutely FREE to use for your personal AND commercial needs. The website has a Licence and a FAQ which you can access easily by just clicking on the links. Most of the images here cannot be found on other websites, as the photographers themselves upload their works, only for unsplash.com! Now, you can dive into this world of beautiful free photographs!

You will find the search bar on the top left, where you can choose from one of the recommended categories, or type exactly what you are looking for.

Search Bar of Unsplash
Search Bar of Unsplash – type anything you searching for in here!

Proceed to look through the hundreds and thousands of photos that are being given out for free, and find a perfect one for you. Most of the photos are in extremely high quality, up to 4K resolution!

Architecture Search Results
Architecture Search Results of Unsplash.com

Once you pick, you can download it in best quality by just click on the “Download” button on the top right of your screen! You can also give out a like for the amazing photographer who took the photo you loved, or add the picture to your unsplash.com account collection.

Download Button
Download Button

Many users of Unsplash have already made collections of their favorite images; Check them out by following this LINK!

Collections - Motion
Collections – Motion

Photo Examples That You Can Find For Free On Unsplash.com

Learn more about unsplash.com by click on this LINK!


Pixabay has made it’s name in the world of images long time ago, but the reason that it is here now is because of their recent expansion. Now you can get not just photos and images, like it was the case with Unsplash, but also Illustrations and Videos!

Just enter all the details into the search bar, add your preferences and thousands of Illustrations are just a click away. Once you find your preferred illustration, you can download it easily by clicking the download button.

Illustrations Option in the Search Bar
Illustrations Option in the Search Bar

Illustration Examples That You Can Find For Free On Pixabay.com

Likewise, you can explore the website for HD video footage, and download everything you like for FREE by clicking the button on the right! You can proceed with using these videos for any of your projects, as many times as you want!

Video Search Pixabay
Search for HD Videos on Pixabay

Access the FAQ here and find answers to any questions you may have about Pixabay!


This website is the biggest FREE Vector Art gallery, with many vectors being uploaded daily. You can use these images in all of your projects free of charge! Just type a keyword and search through vector illustrations, icons, photos and even logos!

Freepik Search Bar
Freepik.com Search Bar – You can browse through recent and popular vectors too!

Logo Design Examples That You Can Find For Free On Freepik.com

Once you find a perfect vector/logo for you, you will be able to use it right away, the only requirement is that you credit the author. You can click a button to always easily download for free, if you are not planning to pay for the credits. If you want to use any vector image without crediting the designer, you have an option to buy a premium licence.

Free Download Option on Freepik
Free Download Option for all the vectors on freepik.com!

Now you are set! These websites will definitely provide many visual possibilities for your next projects. You can check out our Free Logo Animations or more Free Assets on our website next! Don’t forget that once you find a perfect visual, we can edit it for you!

Enjoy your new free content, happy editing!

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