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While working on your new project in your favorite program, you understand that it would be much easier and faster if you were just able to use THAT program. But unfortunately, you never had the opportunity to learn, as your workplace didn’t desperately need it, and your free time didn’t allow it. You decide that it is time to learn those popular Adobe Products, and catch up to  the trends. First thing you would do is, of course, google for a tutorial video, and see if there are any workbooks.

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Workbooks Can Help Even Complete Beginners

When learning a new program or a set of programs, tutorials can be very useful. That is, in case you already have the basics covered. Most tutorials require you to have the base knowledge of a program that you are about to expand. But, what to do if you are a complete beginner and you need to start learning soon? Learning workbooks are there to help!

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Despite them being overlooked sometimes, and called old-fashioned or tiring, books have always been the way for people to acquire new knowledge. It is no different today – Many learning books (and eBooks!) are being written by professionals every day, even more are sold, and the need for them never ceases. As new programs come to being, they get covered on so many ways that it is sometimes difficult to determine which ones are of good quality, and which are also easy to read.

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These tutorial books have many advantages to online free video tutorials and to, of course, learning as you go along. Let’s list some here:

The advantages of workbooks are numerous

Learning/Tutorial book/eBook Advantages
  • You can pick between beginner,  comprehensive and complete tutorial books, depending on your current level of knowledge.
  • They are written by professionals, and directed specially towards people who are trying to learn – you’ll be reading exactly what you need, guaranteed!
  • Avoid making mistakes that can take a lot of time to fix by knowing the most common traps – many books feature tips & tricks for new users.

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Find a perfect book for you easily by searching on popular websites, as they have a vast number of titles. But, Quince Media prepared for you a collection of best sellers & quality tutorial books for Adobe Creative Cloud Products, that are surely going to be the right pick! If you think you need something similar to what we offer, just click on the links that will lead you to the websites directly: there, you will be able to look at similar options and make your own search faster. Gone are the days of endless searching through the library – some great book links are just below!

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Adobe Classroom In A Book Series

It is impossible to talk about learning books without mentioning “Classroom in a Book” series, the official training workbook collection made by Adobe themselves, that has been around for years now, and that offers new versions whenever there is an update. These books offer many lessons in comprehensive ways, using step-by-step techniques they teach about all the Creative Cloud applications. In addition, with the physical copy of these books, you get the eBook version for free, which includes interactive quizzes. You can purchase these books directly from Amazon, and they are frequently on sale too!

Adobe Photoshop CC Classroom in a Book (2017 release)
Cover of Adobe Photoshop CC Classroom in a Book (2017 release)
Preview of Adobe Photoshop CC book
Look inside for more of the contents of this book by clicking on this picture!

Other than Adobe Photoshop CC, there are books & eBooks from the Classroom In A Book series for many more programs:

Adobe Illustrator CC Classroom in a Book

Adobe After Effects CC Classroom in a Book

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Classroom in a Book

Explore Your Options

Additionally, find “Classroom in a Book” versions for the following applications, following these links:

Pro tip: Looking for a thrifty purchase? Check out the used or older versions that can cost much less! Consider renting it if you are sure you will not need it later.

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In case changed your mind about learning a new program, don’t get discouraged. Maybe in the future you will have more time on your hands, and you will be able to master some or even all of these programs. In meanwhile, why don’t you visit Quince Media and have our Adobe professionals do the work for you? Contact us through Our Contact Form, we’re always there to help!

If you are, however, courageous, we wish you all the luck, and offer you to visit our Free Graphic & Templates blog where you will be able to find a lot of convenient freebies for your adventures in the world of Adobe products. We post them weekly, so subscribe to our free newsletter and stay tuned!

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