New Year’s 2018 – Celebration Graphic Templates & Vector Freebies

New Year’s is a time of resolutions, new beginnings and – colorful opportunities! When the clock strikes twelve, you probably won’t be thinking about your company’s banners or about your wallpaper, but before that, you certainly should. Everyone can make a difference and bring innovation to their 2018. Why don’t you start here, with one of our free graphic models or backgrounds?

2018 New year's Fireworks

Not ready for Christmas just yet? Check out our exclusive blog post: Christmas 2017: Free Graphics, Video Backgrounds And Free Music Tracks.

If you want to relax reading this blog post that we prepared for you, you can first turn on this festive YouTube 24/7 live stream and listen to some of the greatest holiday music ever created!

Why don’t we start with some useful New Year backgrounds for your projects? Check these out and note that they can be edited in Adobe Illustrator to reach their maximum potential!

Happy New Year Background

Red Sparks 2018 Background

Need help mastering Adobe products? Read about Learning Workbooks for Adobe Creative Cloud Products on QuinceMedia blog.

Are you a Chinese Horoscope fan? Check out these brand new Year of The Dog Backgrounds!

Pink White Chinese Year Of The Dog Red Golden Chinese Year Of The Dog

Chinese Fan 2018 New Year

New Year’s Special Fireworks Wallpapers

Searching through countless backgrounds, vectors and images is probably not your preferred hobby for the upcoming days. Quince Media prepared for you a collection of some pretty, high quality, festive images to set as your wallpaper, android background or lock screen, or as your website base.

New Year's fireworks

Pink Fireworks New Year's Eve

Singapore Pink Fireworks 2018

Find more right here at!

Free Last-Minute New Year’s Eve Party Invitations

Your house party JUST got possible 5 minutes ago? Or did your colleague JUST schedule one for your whole company? No need to worry, these professional party invitations & cards will make the preparations much easier. Just download and they are ready to be served!

Elegant New Year's Party Invitations
Elegant Yellow Party Cards
Colorful New Year's Party Invitations
Colorful Invitations for your cheerful party
Colorful New Year's Party Invitations
Open up that champagne with these New Year’s Invitations

Elegant Free New Year’s Lettering

Every year we go through thousands of fonts trying to pick the best one for our New Year’s Eve Party invitations. But this year, why don’t you try these inscriptions and lettering for your cover page?

New Year Inscription Party Invitation

New Year Inscription Party Invitation
Those looking for something shiny, can pick this golden inscription!

New Year Inscription Party Invitation

Brand new: Banner Invitations of the Eve

As we embark on our way to 2018, our Christmas trees are already decorated and in their full glory, we must make sure that our websites are just as cheerful and bright. Some digital ornaments would lighten up the website and add that festive vibe. Why not make banner-invitations this year and be the first innovator of 2018?

New year's Eve Decoration

Don’t forget to customize some of the vectors we give out for you here for the maximum effect: you can have original banners with your name, your company name or your trademark printed! Now take a look and pick your favorite festive vector:

Snowy Banner 2018
Banner-Invitations – New form of advertisement!
Vertical Classic Banners 2018
Vertical Banner Invitations for your website

Professional Festive Banner 2018

And finally, take these decorative labels and stick them up to show it’s New Year’s at your place!

New Year's Decorative Labels
These stickers sure do bring college memories back to us!

We hope you enjoyed browsing through these freebies we collected for you here at If you are a perfectionist and you prefer having a special graphic work made exclusively for you, why don’t you fill in a contact form and we can help you instantly!

In meanwhile, come and see what other FREE graphic templates, vectors, video loops & more we have to offer, by visiting our Free Graphic Templates section.

We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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