Valentine’s Day 2018: Free Graphics With Love

A new year is here – and so is a new season of opportunities! Up ahead first is St. Valentine’s Day, the day widely celebrated as the day of all the lovers, and love in general. Get ready for this February and embrace the red & pink motives, as you’ll see them everywhere – or counter these cute colors with elegant black & white, maybe even go pastel blue route for all of the new couples out there.Golden Valentine's Background

Valentine’s Day is the first big event of the year, so you should do everything you are able to and use this opporunity the best you can – A great start leads to a successful year! Read our special blog post, 10 Steps To Being A Successful Website In 2018, for more great ideas on how to improve your websites and blogs, and businesses in general!

Valentine's Heart Photo

No matter what your preference is, we assure you that in this blog you will find something to use and make this year’s Valentine’s Day special. We collected a wide range of cards, menus, backgrounds, patterns, banners & more for you, so go ahead and explore. A music break is here too, to make you feel that love is in the air!

Love is in the air red heart

Valentine’s Patterns

If you are in need for a special festive pattern to complete your Valentine’s business project, or you want to change your website background to fit the upcoming holiday, these graphic patterns we fetched for you are a great choice. Use them as you wish – they, just like everything else in this post, are completely free!

Valentines day pink patterns
Cute Pink Patterns to serve as your background
valentines day red white festive patterns
Red, black & white – perfect romantic Valentine’s combination!
Elegant Valentine's Day Patterns
Elegant Valentine’s Day Patterns
Dark Pink - Punk & Sweet!
Dark Pink – Punk & Sweet!

You may just be looking for some pretty patterns for your Valentine’s gift – they are created for you, too! If you are here for pleasure, not business, you are very welcome – we have collected many Valentine’s Day freebies and put them all together in this post. Scroll away and find out what else we prepared!

Red Roses Valentines Photo

Special Valentine’s Day Party Invitations

Planning to take your Valentine to a party, or host one yourself? You need some sweet new invitations either way! As a host, you’d want to pick up something classy, so why not pick one of these:

Valentine's Purple DJ Party Invitation
Valentine’s Purple DJ Party Invitation
Valentine's Club Party Invitation
Valentine’s Club Party Invitation

Festive Cute Pink Invitation Valentine;s day

If you are planning to invite your crush, girlfriend or wife, go with a more romantic option, and if the person you are aiming for is your boyfriend or husband, you might want to choose something with less pink – except if you know it’s their favorite color, of course. They will surely have enough of those at the party you picked! 🙂

Denim Valentine's day Invitation

Simple Powder Pink Celebration Invitation
Simple Powder Pink Celebration Invitation

Take a small break and enjoy these chill Valentine’s Day songs, or play this mix in the background as you continue exploring!

Food & Drinks served with love: Valentine’s Menus

It is widely known that a perfect Valentine’s Day has to include a magnificent, romantic dinner, followed by having extravagant drinks and out-of-this-world desserts. Why not use this opportunity to showcase some of your masterpieces?

Valentine's Day Menu Food and Drinks

If you offer any of the mentioned in your business, together with the needed advertisement, we suggest you add a special festive menu. Your guests will surely enjoy it!

Romantic Valentine's Dinner Menu
Romantic Valentine’s Dinner Menu
Hand Drawn Sushi Love Menu
Hand Drawn Sushi Love Menu
Lovebirds Pastel Menu for your Valentine's Day
Lovebirds Pastel Menu for your Valentine’s Day

Didn’t find a perfect one for your business? Check out the full menu collection on

red rose gift

Banners & Valentine’s Sale Markers

You might have updated your website background or picked your favorite menu, but in order to bring people to your stand, store, website or other, you need to show them that you are ready for this Valentine’s Day. In case you have some sales up your sleeve, even better! Use some of these graphic banners and announce everything that you have prepared!

Pink Sale Valentines Banner
Special Valentine Day’s Sale Banners in Magenta
Valentine's Day Blue Cute banner
Sweet Valentine’s Sale Vertical Banners
Lovely Sale Banners - Powder Pink
Lovely Sale Banners in Powder Pink
Happy Valentine's Day Banners with Pink Roses - Romantic!
Happy Valentine’s Day Banners with Pink Roses – Romantic!

Valentine’s Day Digital Love Cards

Send one of these to your secret crush, or remind your husband/wife that you are thinking about them and that Valentine’s Day is not just for teenagers! Pick between cute, sweet, funny, and also romantic & elegant Valentine’s Day cards.

Cute Animal Valentine's Cards
Cute Animal Valentine’s Cards
Hand-Drawn Pink Love Cards
Hand-Drawn Pink Love Cards
Simplistic Confession Valentine;s Card
Simplistic Confession Valentine;s Card
Valentine's Banner Card
Banner with many uses – for example, as a card!

Are you ready for this Valentine’s Day? Did you come up with a great idea but you’re not sure you’ll be able to execute it? Contact us! Here at QuinceMedia, we make sure that your website looks perfect & ready for any challenge – including Valentine’s Day! Learn more about what we offer by visiting our Home Page.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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