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It is already obvious that 2018 will be a year in a 3D. Facebook first starts it up with a brand new feature – allowing true 3d posts to their social media community. Now you can add 3d posts to your timeline or include your 3d products on your Facebook business page. Let your customers see your amazing product in full 3d view – they can rotate your 3d product around and view it from all different 3d angles.

At the moment 3d posts are available on the desktop and the iOS based mobile phones so it is not available for the android yet (it renders the 3d post as an image only) but we hope that this will be resolved in the near future.

Facebook is also announcing latter on that they will add an animation possibility to those 3d posts so you will be able to show your product building up from its main parts/elements or to explode the view so your customers can see what is your product made of or what is inside it. This can be very interesting option to many big and small industries that want to show their 3d product in best possible light.

Facebook also stated that they will enable embedding your 3d content directly from your website with just one click and with their open graph technology that is already in place.

It was just matter of time when those 3d posts would show up and it seems obvious now that it is 2018 that is planned for that. Not long ago that Facebook bought Oculus Rift an VR pioneer company so they planning to stay in this new technology.

Nintendo Switch
by Virtual Studio
on Sketchfab

Want to try to create 3d models for the Facebook 3d posts by yourself. If you have experience with popular 3d software packages like Blender 3D, 3D Studio MAX, Modo and others you can find detailed explanation how to make those 3d posts at Art Pipeline for glTF page.

Once you get *.GLB file format which is ready for publishing as a 3d post on the Facebook you can publish it by a drag and dropping file in the facebook create new post window. It takes a few seconds for the browser to build up the preview of the 3d post.

Find out more how to publish 3d post on Facebook explanatory sharing 3d posts page.

Not A 3D Expert But Need Facebook 3D Post Made By Pros?

Ready to spice up your Facebook page with your 3d gig or your 3d product? Please let us know. We are specialized in 3d modeling and animation video production for social media and web in general and we will gladly help. Let’s make your 3d product shine on a brand new feature of Facebook – 3D post.

Djordje Komljenovic

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Djordje Komljenovic is a professional 3d animation and motion graphics designer for over past 20 years. He is owner and creative director at Quince Creative agency. Previously, he was working-force of a few of major television stations in here Serbia - hired as motion graphics producer.

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