7 Amazing Free Glitch Video Overlays For Your Video Projects

If you don’t have time to watch glitch tutorials and learn how to make them in all those complicated video editing programs, what you need are glitch video overlays. They are easy to use, you can duplicate them, re-use them as many times as you want, or even color correct them and make them unique! Although there are many available glitch tutorials, there aren’t that many good overlays that you can just put over your video or images, and have them do the job for you. That is why we found some amazing Free Glitch Overlays for you, and packed them up in a folder at the end of this article – but before you go there, maybe you should look at our examples, and check out some tips on how to best use the free glitch overlays we found for you!

gif example dark background free glitch overlay
Slightly exposed figure with a dark background is perfect for a glitch overlay – like this one that we took for free from unsplash.com!

We will now present to you some of the overlays in the pack, together with the tips we mentioned: remember that the glitch overlays are such that they look completely different on different backgrounds!

Free Glitch Overlays – Examples & Tips

We’ve recently released A Definitive Guide Through Image Overlay Blending Modes that you might want to check out if you’ve not used overlays a lot in the past. In case you have, you can still visit this article: we covered even the blend modes that are unique and used rarely, but can make create great magic when used properly!

gif example add blend mode glitch overlay
Here’s a simple example of a couple of the glitches we found for you – using the “Add” blend mode explained in our article!

If you like these glitches, and you also like sci-fi (we believe these two go together, sometimes), you might want to check out Glitch – the TV series! It might make your afternoon even better, and who knows, maybe you get inspired to use some glitch overlays 🙂

free glitch overlay for instagram photos example
Who said that glitch overlays are only used for videos? You can use them on your photos, and set a new trend on Instagram!

You might also want to learn what a glitch is. We spend so much time editing with these overlays, making glitches on purpose, or getting annoyed when they happen accidentally in our videos, and we don’t even know where they came from! It’s good that Wikipedia has our backs – let’s read something about glitches!

Back to business: Another good use for a glitch overlay is over an already glitched image – double glitch can look really good! Take a look at our example below:

glitch image overlay of a dancer

Are you ready to try using these free glitch overlays yourself? Then scroll down just a bit more, cause you’re almost there! Before you go, take a look at another simple image that we brought to life using one of these glitch overlays.

Gif example 7 glitch overlay of a woman on a bridge
Here we are showcasing the glitch overlay number 7 from the pack you can download below.

Download Links – Full HD & Compact Size

And here are the download links! To download these free glitch overlays in FULL HD, just click the button below. Be warned that they are quite heavy, because of their resolution of 1080p.

For those of you that don’t mind sacrificing a little bit of quality for A LOT of space, you can download the MP4 versions of all these free glitch overlays by clicking on the button below. This pack is just a couple of megabytes big, but all of the overlays are there, in HD! Additionally, if you use an editing program such as Vegas Pro, you might want to download these anyway – Vegas is not a big fan of the .mov. 🙂

Do you want to use the Full HD video overlays in After Effects, but you aren’t comfortable in its interface just yet? Maybe you would feel better after reading our recent article – 8 After Effects Techniques Explained.

aptop colored background desktop

We suggest you download the full pack, no matter which size you choose – you never know when you will need more, or when you will need them again! Plus, although all glitches look the same at the first glance, they are all, actually, pretty different, so make sure to try them all on your videos before making the final decision.

You don’t feel like doing all the work yourself? Contact Us for a professional consultation over any kind of 3D animation & editing requirements that you may have. QuinceMedia is there for you!

free glitch video overlays for edits

Need even more video overlays?

We’ve got you – check out our collection of Free Summer-Friendly Video Overlays, just in time for the summer! Here, you might also find some ideas for your videos – we always make sure to leave some tips in our articles.

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