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August is here, summer is in high power, and all we can think about is this year’s Super Bowl! American Football surely is one of the best gifts the USA has given to the world, generations have followed it and generations will keep on following all those amazing teams in their battle to determine who is the best. We will leave history of American Football for later, and focus on what we do best: give you some FREE NFL graphics, vectors, overlays and even an EXCLUSIVE VIDEO ANIMATION to help you get ready for this year’s NFL!

Free NFL Graphics Right In Time For The Season

Are you not that familiar with the dates and the way american football games are organized, but you’d still like to join the fun? NFL, or The National Football League, is a professional American football league consisting of 32 teams that fight for the prize worthy of a champion! This august, the battle is heating up, and soon enough we will witness the great final. Even though there is over a month left till then, we should better get ready on time – or just in time, in case you found this article later! 🙂

player yellow getting ready sun
That feeling right before a match that might change your life… priceless!

Whether you are planning on making a personalized animation, or aiming to be the top American Football streamer on Youtube, we guarantee that our animations and vectors will be of some use to you. Scroll down for more, and scroll all the way to download our exclusive American Football logo animation!

Learn More About American Football

Most of us know a lot about american football, but just in case you’re not very familiar with it, or you just never really came ’round to learning about it but you’d like to, check out this video to learn the rules of this awesome sport we are all gonna be watching soon:

Free NFL Images and Photographs

Before we shoot some awesome vectors at you, we’ll share some of our free photos & images, that you can use as your desktop background but also in your projects. All of these are royalty free, so feel free to download them right away. This goes for all the content we brought to you today in this article – free NFL graphics are waiting for you! Take a look:

A shiny trophy, ready to go to the winner!
The same trophy from before, but a different angle. Look how much just an angle can change!
A helmet in front of the USA flag, reminding us all that this is a national sport!
Helmets surrounding a trophy, ready to be given out
A circle of NFL balls
NFL balls from a cool angle
NFL Balls, ready for your projects!

Free NFL Vectors for your projects

Are you planning to show this year’s best games in your bar? Or are you just searching for a way to advertise a meet-up, of course, for watching some Super Bowl games? Look no further! We got some awesome free NFL graphics vectors for you, that you can edit according to your preferences. You could also just change the text, and your poster is ready!

Good ol’ retro design, for a good ol’ game of american football. Some quality free NFL graphics!
In need of a flyer? This one is super simple, but has all you need!
You’ve got more to say than just “come and watch with us!” ? Then, these banners are for you!
Game of the year? every game can be the game of the year if your team is playing!
free nfl graphics football pub neon
Got a pub? This neon sign will make sure to let everyone know you’re one of us, football lovers!
Silhouettes of some amazing american football players can decorate your poster for this year’s games!

Even More Free NFL Graphics

Do you also feel like something is missing? We’ve got something extra for you: silhouettes of players that you can place wherever you like. make your own poster, or maybe just add a player at the edge of your existing one – it’s up to you!

All these cool silhouettes make us want to play some football as well!
free nfl graphics silhouettes
If you want to, you can leave some appreciation on for all of these free vectors 🙂

Offensive Unit, Defensive Unit, Special Unit… So many players and so many names to remember! It is, of course, easy to remember names of your favorite players, but sometimes it can get tricky to remember them all. Why not put them on a nice, free vector, and make sure you, or whoever passes by wherever you put, will never forget them? They made you proud so many times, you can do this much! 🙂

NFL Super Bowl Image

Give Appreciation To Big Names Of NFL With Our Help

All of us football fans should know some important names that changed the history of the american football, such as the name of a man known as the Father of American Football, Walter Camp, or the first professional football player, William Heffelfinger. Without these individuals, and many others, about whom you can read a lot on the internet, we would not be able to enjoy football in the way we do today. So why not give them some recognition, and in addition to learning their names, also make sure that others know who they are as well? You could use some of these free NFL graphics, to make the best “Did You Know” cards or banners for your Super Bowl-themed website, or your page on any social media!

leather ball preparation american football

Logo Animations Perfect For This Season

Before we jump right into our exclusive logo animation that we made from scratch just for you, first you should look through these great free NFL graphics 3D animations that we found lying around. You can download them all by just clicking on the download button below each one of them – try it now!

1. American Football Scrolling Animation

If you are in need of a simple animation, next to which you’d like to put some text, some information or really anything that you’d like people to pay attention to – this animation is for you!

2. American Football News Animation

This 3D Animation from gives us a great news vibe. Do you need a background animation for your new announcement? Pick up this animation.

3. Blue American Football 3D Animation

Who says emerald blue can’t be a perfect color for an American Football animation? We think this one is absolutely gorgeous. Download it right here by clicking on the, equally blue, download button!

philladelphia eagles flag supporters
Philadelphia Eagles love emerald blue just as much as we do!

Free Exclusive American Football Logo Animation

And now… the team that you’ve all been waiting for…. our FREE EXCLUSIVE AMERICAN FOOTBALL 3D LOGO ANIMATION!

We are very proud of this simple, but professional animation, and we can’t wait to see it be used by you guys! This 3D animation is created specially for you by QuinceMedia, and you should download it for free right here:

Make sure you follow us on one of your favorite social media, so that you can receive more free stuff that we will share with you in the future. Maybe you’ll like one of them even more than this one! 🙂 We were so inspired to make this 3D animation, that we didn’t stop here. We made another, similar animation, that can be used in a similar way. This is not a logo animation, but a ball animation that can be used in every way possible!

We Have Many More Free Animations To Offer

Do you like our free animation? We have many more, and they are all free! Check them out on our dedicated page for Logo Animation Templates, where you can download them all for free and edit them yourself in Adobe After Effects. In case editing is not your strong point, or you would just like to leave work to professionals, we can edit these videos for you! You can sign up for that, as well, on the same Logo Animation Templates page. Got a product related to american football? We do this kind of animation as well! Check out our previous work here, at our 3D Product Animation page.

american flag blue sky and clouds

We hope that you loved our journey through the history of american football! You are now ready to use the next period of time to prepare your website or your workplace for this year’s season of America’s favorite sport! Even if you were only here to look around, we hope that we have inspired you, and that you won’t forget about Super Bowl, because we surely won’t! Stay in touch, because more useful articles full of quality free stuff are coming your way every week. Touchdown!

Have a fun week!

Djordje Komljenovic

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Djordje Komljenovic is a professional 3d animation and motion graphics designer for over past 20 years. He is owner and creative director at Quince Creative agency. Previously, he was working-force of a few of major television stations in here Serbia - hired as motion graphics producer.

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