Halloween Free Graphics, Vectors, Free 3D Logo Animation And Video Transitions

Every year, a bunch of new and exciting designs overflow the internet, and when it’s time for Halloween, all we see are bats, pumpkins, witches, all colored in orange and black, occasionally brown.

Pool of Halloween-themed graphics has never been bigger, and if you needed a free vector, image, template or a free logo intro video of good quality for your project, you would usually have to search a lot until all of your requirements are met.

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Fortunately, here you will be presented with some of our picks from renowned websites full of great FREE content, and additionally, we created a NEW FREE EXCLUSIVE HALLOWEEN LOGO ANIMATION just for you, the visitors of our website!

Halloween Image

You prepared everything for Halloween already? Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so why don’t you visit our Free Thanksgiving Vector Graphics, After Effects Templates & Video Backgrounds article? Grab more of our freebies and embrace November just in time. We promise there are some pumpkins there, too!

Free Halloween Vector Graphics

In every area of business, but also in every area of life, presentation is what usually matters the most. By using a new, interesting design, following latest trends such as Halloween, you will drag some attention to your product or project. We picked some of the latest designs for you!

If you are new to vectors, check out THIS LINK for instructions!

Halloween Pattern Illustrations

Never enough of pumpkins and sweets when Halloween coming! Stick these patterns on your banners and posters, and get ready for the best night in October! Here are a few of our favorite designs, new and ready for 2017 Halloween!

Halloween Restaurant Menu Templates

Download and use these beautiful menu & discount vectors for FREE, by just clicking on the image of the designs!

Festive Banners

Do you need to announce your last-minute Halloween Party, or to let people know that you love it just like we do? Use these new Spooky & Stylish banners.

Halloween Banners
Halloween Cartoon Banners for Your Announcements
Halloween Children Banners
Halloween Kids Party Banners? Click the picture to go to freepik.com and download them
Stylish Halloween Party Invitations
Pick these invitations & proudly send them to your friends
Halloween Party Poster
Prefer the traditional party poster? Pick this one up!
Festive Halloween Vertical Banners
Festive Halloween Vertical Banners – New at freepik.com

Jack-O-Lantern Wallpapers

Pumpkins can smile from your laptop this October, or you can pick one of the dark, scary ones that would perfectly set the mood for your Halloween evening. One of these images might help your imagination sprout too, make you enjoy working on your new project, and it will end up being outstanding and unique.

Halloween Wallpaper
Colorful Jack-O-Lanterns!
Pumpkin Lanterns can light up your tablet!
Halloween Wallpaper
Trick or Treat!

Visit unsplash.com for more Free Halloween photographs and illustrations!

Free Halloween Fonts

Here are some of our favorite FREE fonts guaranteed to make your new project look just right for this year’s celebration!

Mountains of Christmas – Free Font

Download “Mountains of Christmas” FREE

Ink and Bones
Ink and Bones – Free Font

Download “Ink and Bones” FREE

Spider – Free Font

Download “Spider” FREE

Tree Like
Tree Like – Free Font

Download “Tree Like” FREE

Lunacy More
Lunacy More – Free Font

Download “Lunacy More” FREE

Halloween Bats
Halloween Bats – Free Font

Download “Halloween Bats” FREE

Jack O
Jack O – Free Font

Download “Jack O” FREE

Haunting Attraction
Haunting Attraction – Free Font

Download “Haunting Attraction” FREE

Coraline's Cat
Coraline’s Cat – Free Font

Download “Coraline’s Cat” FREE

Demons and Darlings
Demons and Darlings – Free Font

Download “Demons and Darlings” FREE

Exclusive Halloween Free Logo Intro VideoEXCLUSIVE: Halloween Free Logo Animation & Video Background

1. Halloween Free Logo Animation After Effects Project Template

We are joining the celebration and giving away a Halloween logo animation – After Effects project template. A nice festive themed project that you can use however you like. Jack-O-Lantern is ready to shine right next to your tagline! This project has a element 3D version (customizable) and a pre-rendered version so you can work on it without any additional plug-ins needed. You will need the latest Adobe After Effects software along with Element 3D version 2.2 or newer to be able to edit the pumpkin head.

Download FREE Halloween Logo Animation

You don’t have a proper video editing software knowledge to do it yourself but still want to get this logo animation for free? Then order it at our free logo animation page and we will do hard work for you – for free!

2. Halloween Free Video Background

Sometimes, a nice atmosphere is all you need for a successful project. We are giving you the option to download just the exclusive video background of this logo animation, ready to be used in all your video projects! This file is at HD1080 resolution and it is around 20 seconds long which you can extend unlimited times, since it is seamlessly looping video.

Download FREE Video Background

3. Halloween Wallpaper

Download this wallpaper for your computer desktop, phone background or print it out as a postcard. You are free to use it however you may like. This halloween wallpaper image is in 1920×1080 resolution and we packed up both jpg and high quality 32 bits per channel TIFF format.

Halloween Wallpaper

Download FREE Halloween Wallpaper

4. 2019 UPDATE: Halloween Free Transition PAck for your OBS/Twitch stream + Free Video Background

We have updated this post and included new pack of 4 free transitions for your OBS software/Twitch stream which you can use freely and spice up your videos. It is also suitable for video editing too. Download this free pack below.

Download FREE Halloween Transitions

Download FREE Halloween 2019 Video Background

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Happy Halloween and enjoy editing!

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