Top 10 Most Magnificent eSports Motion Graphics

The eSports scene is developing rapidly, and every year there are more & more stunning events sprouting in every corner of the world. Competition is rising, not only in the most popular eSports multiplayer games such as League of Legends, CS:Go, Dota2 & more, but also in the backstage.

Just a few years ago, an eSports event reaching a million spectators was just a dream. They used to be hosted in small, compact places, which were more than enough to host this, once small group, of eSports fans. Now however, we are witnesses of a great revolution of the eSports stage.

It has become a place more magnificent than some much older events, filled with excitement and new talent. How could we ever forget the spectacular Elder dragon of the League of Legends Worlds Championship 2017? But just in case you missed the amazing CGI dragon show, or want to see some pristine eSports themed animation, we put together our own List of 10 Most Magnificent eSports Motion Graphics!

Gaming + 3D Animation = eSports Motion Graphics!

We will go through a lot of different visuals today. After all, the eSports industry is the fastest expanding one right now! It is not a surprise, however, that most of these spectacular motion graphics elements were presented in the last couple of years. There were never as many games, events, teams and players as there are today.

They are all waiting for their five minutes of fame, and there’s no more spectacular way to begin their climb than some stunning visuals! The gaming industry is taking over our editing programs, in order to create breathtaking motion graphics for their events. We must be a part of that, so without further ado, let’s begin!

intel extreme masters live esports motion graphics

List of 10 Wonders of eSports Motion Graphics

Today, we are giving away 10 rewards, one to each of the best motion graphics in their respective field of work. We made an order that is easy to follow. Starting from announcements and team logo animations, which is where every eSports event begins, over stunning motion intros and videos designed specially for some of the biggest eSports competitions in the world, to, finally, huge moments of eSports motion graphics history.

We also included some well-designed recaps and advanced animations regarding gaming rewards, which will make you aim higher and look forward to owning the eSports events that are in front of us!

10. Rocket League Championship Series – The Best Announcement

Where does every eSports event begin? For the viewers, at least, it begins with the official announcement. A great announcement is vital in order to draw in new viewers and remind the old ones why they love watching games. This RLCS intro is a simple & clean 3D animation, that gives us all the important information while being super stylish.

Not every eSports motion graphics piece has to be overly complicated. A nice, retro neon announcement goes great with the atmosphere of this event, that we would all visit if we could!

9. Vainglory by ESP Gaming – The Best Logo Animation

Every clan must have its players and its logo, we all know that. But to stand out above the rest, a breathtaking intro is a must! We’ve already talked about this in one of our previous articles about Best eSports Logo Animations, but we must put an emphasis to it once again.

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There are MANY beautiful logo animations out there, but we picked this one as we are really proud of being its creators. Yes, we love watching eSports and writing these blogs, but also taking part in the creation of the eSports history! 🙂

8. League of Legends Pro League (LPL) Championship 2017 – The Best Introduction

League of Legends never lets us down when it comes to the amount of amazing events, and the eSports motion graphics are often inspired exactly by one of these events. This introduction to the players & teams of LPL 2017 is another one of these spectacular animation moments.

7. Superliga Tournament – The Best Montage

Every popular event has some amazing in-game moments that are worth being documented. There is no better way to do so than to have an epic montage of the players, teams and their plays! Many montages are simple combinations of the fun gaming moments, but we knew that montages can be better, so we dug out this one! Made for Spanish Superliga, exceeds all expectations in the area of motion graphics, that we are looking at today.

Perfect compositions and advanced effects made these awesome plays seem even cooler than anyone would have expected! Watching a montage like this fires everyone up, and inspires us to look forward to great championships that are yet to take place!

6. Starcraft World Championship Series 2014 – The Best Intro

Starcraft eSports has definitely been here for a long while. Actually, they are one of the first that started implementing modern animations & that way, were one step above their competition in the far-away 2014. Here is a eSports motion graphics intro that was used as the opening of Starcraft World Championship Series in 2014, and in our opinion, it marked the beginning of a new era – one where every eSports event is made even more spectacular thanks to the blessings of modern animation!

Take a small break: Interesting eSports Numbers & Odds

We’re halfway through our list, and we assure you that you haven’t seen the best of the best yet! Before we continue, take a look at this informative (but also, very nice animation-wise!) video we found lurking on Vimeo. It makes us think about how we ended up in the eSports business, and how amazing & lucky that actually is! You might feel the same way after checking it out.

5. What Defines A Master by DreamHack Masters – The Best Trailer

Other than having some really nice motion graphics moments, such as its logo animation, we included this trailer because it really hits the point of creating an eSports event. We were amazed not just at its smoothness, but also its impressiveness. It makes us all wonder, what defines a true master? That proves that this animated trailer is successful – if we were not better at making gaming related 3D animations, we’d surely try ourselves out in CS:GO! 🙂

4. Starcraft 2 World Championship Series 2015 – The Best Promo

Just as you might have expected, 2015 was another of the few years in which Starcraft eSports blossomed. Thankfully, that can be seen in the amount of beautiful motion graphics integrated into its events. This intro was used for StarCraft 2 World Championship Series 2015.

It opened this event spectacularly, and helped in its huge success. Additionally, it proved that in just one year, Starcraft eSports reached new heights, and was ready for all the new, bigger eSports competitors such as MOBAs and shooters.

3. League Of Legends Worlds Opening Ceremony – The Most Spectacular Moment

League of Legends is a game that is constantly expanding, and therefore, attracts a lot of attention. Along with attention, the expectations are also raising every year. Worlds, the biggest eSports championship LoL offers, is therefore expected to be just as amazing as the game proves to be. Year after year, the reactions might have been mixed, as the audience of League eSports is quite mixed as well. However, that was not the case in 2017!

The appearance of the Elder Dragon in the live stream (overall peak of viewers was 106 210 010!), caught us all by surprise! We can only imagine how much time it took to create this beautiful creature! 🙂 But in the meantime, we can dream on: one day, may all the eSports events have animated bosses!

2. The Game Awards 2015 – The Final Anticipation

Once the events are over, and the players are finally taking their well-deserved rest, it is time to announce the best games of the year. However, the same can be applied to eSports: who improved the most over the season? Which team beat all the odds? Who is the MVP? Which team is THE BEST, overall?

We all love to see our team winning the award, but we also love seeing some beautiful motion graphics & great artists at work! That is why we picked The Game Awards 2015 Intro for our The Final Anticipation reward. With such immersive graphics, who wouldn’t want to be standing on that stage as the winner?

1. Epicenter Opening of The Main Event – The Final Live

We feel like Dota2 was always around, always there, from the beginning of eSports. That is why we decided that the final showdown of all we talked about should all be included in this live opening of a Dota2 Epicenter 2018. All of your work flows into this one moment when the show is finally on the stage, and the game is on! Amazed by this beautiful opening, we were inspired to write an article about eSports motion graphics and its importance in 2018. Enjoy the show!

Why We Love eSports

To wrap it up, check out this short trailer of IEM Katowice 2017. We believe it is a great example of a well edited but simplistic trailer that is sure to make the viewers interested. This is why we play, and why we want it to look the best it can!

Throughout the years, the eSports scene has developed so much, that if someone looked at 2018 from a decade ago, they wouldn’t believe their eyes! The same would happen if they looked at the beautiful eSports motion graphics featured at these major events… 🙂 There is a lot of room for new greatness, for the next big thing. In a few years, this list will get a whole new look. Our favorite dragon might go into history in a few weeks, when the new Worlds Finals will hit the stage. Who knows what they will come up with this year? Here at Quince Media, we are surely excited to see, and take some more inspiration for our further work!

Djordje Komljenovic

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Djordje Komljenovic is a professional 3d animation and motion graphics designer for over past 20 years. He is owner and creative director at Quince Creative agency. Previously, he was working-force of a few of major television stations in here Serbia - hired as motion graphics producer.

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