Top 10 Dental 3D Animations of This Decade

Healthy, white teeth brighten your smile and can also brighten your life. We are usually not aware of this at young age, but as we get older, we all must agree with that statement. Dental specialists spend many years of their life in order to reach perfect teeth care, and bring us many possibilities. In the recent years, we are also able to help out dentists of the world, by making it easier for them to show their work to everyone around the globe. And how else, than with a beautiful dental animation!

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We’ve recently worked with some great businesses operating in the dental field, and it inspired us to search around and bring you our favorite 10 dental animations, so you can enjoy the 3D animation advancements together with us.

10. Heartland Dental: LAUNCH

Let’s “launch” this list with an animation that goes “out of the box”. It is an intro animation for a dental clinic, however, it features an animation of a rocker launching. How does this connect to going to a dentist office? It leaves it all up to your imagination. We have many animations that feature teeth and dental processes – but we wanted to firstly show you that, even when dealing with teeth, you can still be creative with your animation.

9. Interdental Brushes – Dental Animation

This dental animation explains how interdental brushes work, and how they are used. It’s a short but effective animation, also quite simple, but it definitely does the job. It takes place number 9 as we would have liked to have seen a more detailed explanation, which would require a longer duration, and of course, a little better texture of the animation itself, which can be seen in the videos that ranked higher. However, it delivers the most important point – get an interdental brush! Or do you need another, better animation to convince you?

dental implant animation

8. 3D Animation Dental Implant

Some pieces of dental care equipment are so complex that we cannot even imagine what is inside, and how they work exactly. However, this dental animation helps us grasp the idea of a dental implant, and does so very successfully! A detailed animation of a small part that helps both the dentists, and us – we wouldn’t all be able to have such a bright smile without these implants.

7. Keep Your Teeth For Life – Kaiser Permanente

While enjoying all the beauty of these animations, we can also take a few tips home. This motion graphic animation features a very useful advice on how to keep your teeth for life, in a fun manner, that might even wake up the child inside of you! Check out this great animation at the link above to watch this short informative animation.

6. Dental Diagnostics Animation

There are many great 3D animations, so we had to include at least one 2D animation as well. We mustn’t forget that they can also be great! This one is a nicely animated story of the process of dental diagnostics. It’s an important step – without knowing what’s up, you’d be stuck looking at all kinds of dental animations instead of the one you’re looking for. Or perhaps, that is just us right now, as we’re so amazed by all of them!

dental prosthetic animation

Break time: Take at look at our own short dental 3D animation

These were all great, so make a quick break at half-time, and take a look at our most recent 3D dental animation. We’re really proud of this one, and our client loved it as well. We could call this an ultimate dental success!

Do you like this animation? Do you have a dental business as well? We could make one stunning 3D dental animation for you, as well. Make sure to contact us at the bottom of the article!

5. Kalogiros Dental Clinic Animation

3D animation can be a great advertisement as well. In this example, the animators connected the logo of the business with creative dental ideas, and ended up with a nice, 20-second dental animation to serve as an ad, an opening sequence and also a loop for the dental office. It made the business look fancy, as well, so it was definitely worth the effort!

4. LM Dental Tracking System

We love product animations, as we do many for our clients as well. We believe they greatly increase the rate at which the product will sell, and they bring the product closer to the potential users – both by making them amazed by the great animation, and by helping them understand the use of the product in the most creative way ever! This dental animation features a dental product, and its use is explained extremely well – we were bought by the quality of the animation!

Where do all these animations get ideas? Here’s the answer, in an artistic way: dental photography brings us the opportunity to observe everything from all the different directions, for as much time as we want. It definitely helps the animators do an even better job. If you would like to take a break and look at how dental photography works, look here, otherwise: get on to our Top 3 Dental Animations!

3. Intro to Dental Tools

Of course, we can’t have Top 3 Dental Animations without having at least one product animation, for the reasons we mentioned in the previous comment. This one is even more advanced than the last one – photorealistic and extremely informative, this animation is one of the best dental product animations we’ve run into in our search. If we were dentists, we might as well be buying exactly these tools!

2. Dentaid Whitening – Medical Animation

Have you ever wondered why teeth get yellow with time, even if you take great care of them? Or how the teeth-whitening process works? You’ll get answers to both of these questions by watching this very advanced 3D dental animation. We picked this one as the top 2 because of it great perspective and a thorough explanation, while it is still very appealing to look at. This animation is something we definitely approve of!

1. Dr Smile / Dental Correction

Here we’ve got a modern, beautiful 3D dental animation showing us how dental correction works. It’s minimalistic, yet it’s obvious to see how much work went into it. We really liked the simplicity this animation brings, together with a very clear explanation. We are definitely keeping this one close for inspiration!

3d toothbrush with dental care

You didn’t have enough of dental animations yet? Perhaps you’re here because you need one? Well, we have got one more of ours to show you, before you go. Maybe this is the kind of dental animation you’ve been looking for:


Make sure to contact us in case you’re interested to hear more details about what we can do for you. Feel free to browse the site for more interesting articles and examples of our work, but also information on our services. We hope you enjoyed the Top 10 Dental 3d Animations that we collected for you, and we’re looking forward to seeing you on our website again soon!


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