Blender 3D Outsourcing Company And Project Help

What the heck is Blender 3D?

We should say that one of our main tools of work is Blender 3D – an open source miracle application in the field of 3d animated video productions and motion graphics design. Not long ago we transfered all our projects and 3d needs to this piece of software as we believed in it from the begining and we believe in Blender 3D today more then ever.

Blender 3D Official Logo

This is supported by the fact that big players such as Unreal Engine and Nvidia have recently joined the Blender Development Fund.

In most of our cases, we use Blender 3D for all of our 3d needs such as 3d modeling, texturing, animation, while we currently leave post-production part for After Effects and Blackmagic Fusion.

Why we love and use Blender 3D?

The first of many reasons is that because it is open source and that means, among other things, it’s free to use – even commercially. The second reason is that the Blender 3D community is very active and supportive. There is so many answers to possible questions you may have as well as technical assistance that can be found around the web. Various errors can be reported directly to a team of developers who are also very active in responding to the same. The third reason would be that development itself is very advancing and so Blender 3D gets a lot of new technologies that are already presented in some of the biggest software packages for 3d animation such are Maya 3D or 3D Studio Max. Also, the application itself is very lightweight, quick to get started, downloaded swiftly as the installation packaged in under 200 megabytes.

Robotic Hands Project Screenshot – Blender 3D

How can we help you with your Blender 3D projects?

These days, we are often contacted by digital agencies and independent video editors that ported their production to Blender 3d and who need help with, for example, animating their already designed 3D scenes or rigging and animating their 3d characters and such.

Fat Naked Guy 3D Character Model In Blender 3D Rigged And Prepared For Unity

One example would be one of our clients who had their exibition show banner designed in Blender 3D. They had no necessary skills to create 3d animation video out of that design but instead thy found and contacted us so we remotely help them getting 3d animation video done out of their original 3d rendering. They where very happy with the outcome. Second example would be different customer who had 3d map created in Blender 3D but they needed better texturing, fixing materials and rendering of the animation video of the final rendering quality. Again they where very happy with the work we helped them with.

What kind of Blender 3D projects do we accept and love to help ?

As mentioned above we do most of of the 3d animation and rendering process in Blender 3D so we can help you with production phases such are: 3d modeling, texturing, uw unwrapping, 3d character rigging and animation, and finally rendering.

3D Mascot Animation In Blender 3D
Finalised 3D Logo Animation Video – Blender 3D

How to get in touch with us?

Easiest way to get in touch with us so we can help you with your Blender 3D stuff that you may have problems with is via our contact page. We are very prompt when work is in question so we will get back to you in a few hours at topmost and most likely before that and within few minutes.

How much do we charge for outsourcing Blender 3D work?

Most of the time we are offering fixed quotes so we would like to hear a bit about your Blender 3d project that you need help with. We love to say and we really believe that we are affordable outsourcing company especially when you take in consideration of the quality of work that we do provide.


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