We’ve Changed The Name And The Logo Design

As of the 2020. we have changed the name. Quince Media is now Quince Creative Company. We have also aquired a short rememberable domain that we will switch to later on. Our new domain (old will keep working as well) is quince.cc.

Why we changed name from Quince Media to Quince Creative?

When we started this company 2012 we thought that our job will be to deliver the short format of media for broadcast and such. Actually all our motion graphics works at that time where targeted to broadcast media. All intros, outtros, adverts are made for broadcast.

Now 8 years after internet took over. Almost everything we do now is published on the internet. We intensified our motion graphic works. Most of our clients are asking us to do 3d animated videos for their social media and website. We did not feel that we are and we will be into the media anymore so that led to the name change.

Our New Logo

What our new logo Design stands for?

As we are using Blender 3D as a main tool for work and we are proud of this great piece of open source software which can do miracles. In Blender 3D every new scene starts with a simple cube. This simple cube is useful to create various 3d models from imagination by a sculpting and twisting it until dragons and mountains are built. This simple cube was inspiration for our logo design as we love to turn clients ideas into beautiful 3d animations.


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