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How to get your personalized filters and effects for Instagram & Snapchat?

If your social media ads are the look-alike as all of your dull competition, something is wrong. Let’s face it

If you aim to get the cutting-edge design for your branding and advertising or resurrect the educational and entertaining side of your business, join the fastest growing community of modern AR designs with 718 million daily active users worldwide on Instagram & Snapchat. Attract crowds anywhere in the world who can learn, explore, and go far beyond extraordinary user experiences while absorbing the high-quality 3D characters in real-time.

What are Snapchat & Instagram filters?

Instagram & Snapchat filters are a collection of augmented reality (AR) 3D enhancements to live real-world environments as viewed through the mobile app, which allows users to interact with these special effects in 3d world. The World Lenses feature applies cute, cartoon-like 3D emojis or objects to the user’s screen. Creativity powered by AR products provides users to try branding content wrapped up in amusing and addictive face effects or interactive avatar of the brand product models.

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Santa Hat 2020 NYE - Snapchat Filter
Nikola Tesla Bot - Snapchat AR
Arnold Working Out - Snapchat AR
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We can design any idea into a filter or a 3D feature!

Quince Creative creates products and experiences that excite, please, and educate using AR and Lens Filters. Choose to reimagine how you speak to the world. The needs of content to an audience is changing. Communication and consumption today have created opportunities both to disturb existing markets but also to create new segments within them. Augmented Reality and Filters provide a unique opportunity to create a new generation of holographic digital learning and entertainment products that essentially change how society interacts with 3D content. 

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Who can you attract with AR filters and emojis?

Our products aspire users to create deeper, more engaging interaction between people and three-dimensional digital content. AR products are the fusion of commercial insight with artistic creations to provide fascination and engagement through everyday use. The formula allows customers to reimagine entertainment, education, and marketing passing from 2D to 3D content features. People want the opportunity to see your product on their screen, play with your amusing logo trough on-screen glasses, hat, lollypop, change their images with your brand colors, jump in your 3D car, pair of sneakers or dress!

Everyone Can!

Creativity Powered by Augmented Reality

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Quince Creative aims to provide content-driven captivating and interactive products and experiences across key markets using various designs and AR technology. Over the years Quince Creative established success for different industries by creating 3D content and rendering their visual identity through animation, video, commercials, and from now on – interactive designs for Snapchat and Instagram for all screens.

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We can see in the mind’s eye any idea you can think of! We do not tend to go above the minimum, and just meet your expectations, but to irreproachably exceed them. Gain the number of your customers, users, and followers with expanding niche who asks for a unique, attractive, and hooking way to interact with your brand and want to share it with everyone!