Blackmagic Fusion Free Templates

If you are professional or just starting up in Blackmagic Fusion we have a selection of free Fusion templates that you can use for your projects or learn from them. Those fusion templates are ready to use out of the box. Just replace the placeholders for your logo and tagline and they are ready to be rendered out.

Sunset Logo Animation - Free Blackmagic Fusion Template

Download this beautiful sunset logo animation template for Blackmagic Fusion

3D Flag For Blackmagic Fusion (Turn ON CC)

Real 3d waving flag for Blackmagic Fusion 9. Download and customize this seamlessly looping 3d model of flag. You can change the flag to other countries as well as make a custom waving flag. Please see tutorial below.

Flag Tutorial Video

Need Logo Animation Video Made By Pros?

If You need custom handcrafted logo animation video for your business feel free to check our logo animation page for more info.

Few Examples Of Our Logo Animation Videos

Premier 3D Logo Animation Video
Play Video
Creations - 3D Logo Animation Video
Play Video
Play Video