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Waddel - Original 2D Logo Design In Vector Format

2D Logo Animation – Waddel Intro Video Production

We had another nice 2d logo animation project for a client. She asked us to animate parts of her logo design in a nice and smooth way. Digital fingerprint hand element needed to be transformed from a power-fist position into open hand position. Also electronic elements had to follow the flow of this 2d logo animation project. Client sent us… Read more →

Logo Animation – Logo Intro Video For Youtube

Logo animation project we did recently for Germany based phone repair shop – Repair Zone. Our client asked us to create logo intro animated video for Youtube channel. We where provided with the client’s logo at the first steps of the communication with the client. Logo was made from yellow and black colors that looks like a under construction warning… Read more →

Intro For Youtube – The Lift Project Logo Animation

As a Youtube channel owner You definitely want to stand above the sea of new and uprising Youtube channels. You want to be easily recognizable from the opening of your videos onward. Intro for Youtube is service we provide our clients with. Usually our clients asking us for logo animation production using their original branding logo design. As a first step we ask our clients… Read more →

Animate My Logo – Recent Logo 3D Animation

We had a pleasure to work on a new interesting logo animation project. Client asked us: “Guys can you animate my logo in a cinematic-horror style”. Of course we can! Client liked the Twisted Pictures logo animation and asked us can he get a similar style logo animated video. Idea was to animate skeleton hands with a logo words Art & Sould… Read more →

Difference Between 2D and 3D Animated Logo Intro Video

We would like to show you main differences between 2d and 3d animated logo introductory video. Main difference is that 3d animated logo video intro requires more time for production but results are more appealing look of the animation, unlimited possibilities, viewing your logo 3d elements from many angles, more dynamic camera movement and so on. Original  logo design provided… Read more →

Logo Intro 3D Animation Project – ST851 – How Its Made

We would like to present you a process of making of one of our latest logo animation videos. Here you will find useful informations about possible steps in the production of animated logo stinger for your YouTube channel. Firstly client contacted us over our website asking if we would be able to produce YouTube animated stinger for their new channel.… Read more →