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Free 3D Logo Animation For Your Video

If you are tight on a budget we have a special selection of free logo animation designs that we can use to insert your logo into those templates so you can get a nice logo animation intro for your video presentation, Youtube channel, Facebook video or any other video project you have and all of that for free!

Send us your logo design and we will send you logo animation video back

Just go through the free logo animation order process and upload your logo design in vector format (AI, EPS, PDF…) or PNG format (with transparent background) along with (but not necessarily) link to the website or other social media link of your company or product page. You can use your slogan here as well.

Once we get your logo design vector or png file we will import it into our template you’ve chosen and send you the download link so you can download your free logo animation video immediately.

* We limit production to one free logo animated video per one user/email. It takes about 24-48 hours before we send you the video. This can be cut down to few hours by a purchasing premium version. Free logo animation comes with Quince Media banner embedded in the corner of the video. To remove the banner please purchase the paid version.

Pick Your Favorite Design...

and go thought our easy ordering process. We will do our magic and send you logo animation video afterwards.

Sandy – Logo Animation

Your logo on sandy beach. Easy and smooth sunny beach logo animation transition with available tag-line under the logo.

World Map - Logo Animation

Your logo design spinning above the world map. Global business stylized logo animation by Quince Media.

Vault – Logo Animation

Unlock your precious logo design via our new awesome logo intro animation made just for you.

Night Sky – Logo Animation

Beautiful night sky themed free logo animation to showcase your logo design.

Globe – Logo Animation

Futuristic global network free logo animation. Spinning globe revealing your logo design..

Balloons – Logo Animation

Logo animation for fun and celebration. Awesome happy music included. Balloons revealing your logo design.

Glitchy – Logo Animation

Glitchy logo design revealing logo animation by Quince Media. If you are fan of glitch transitions then you will like this one.

Soccer – Logo Animation

Sporty soccer themed logo animation. Soccer ball passing by and revealing your logo design.

Sunset – Logo Animation

Beautiful sunset revealing your logo design. Peaceful background music.

Halloween – Logo Animation

In the spirit of incoming halloween we made a logo animation with Jack-o’-lantern pumpkin head as a main element.

Realtor – Logo Animation

New real estate themed logo animation. Suitable for realtors and people in this genre of business.

Diamonds – Logo Animation

Stylish diamond themed logo animation. Let beautiful diamonds reveal your logo.

Pirates – Logo Animation

Ahoy pirates, enjoy our new 3d logo animation we made just for you! Let your logo sail over 7 oceans.

Jungle – Logo Animation

Jungle themed logo animation. Suitable for travel companies and nature lovers. Enjoy the nature!

Need Unique Logo Animation For Your Business?

Please visit our custom 3d logo animation production page and request a quote. Let us transform your idea into beautiful 3d logo animation video that you can use on web, social media or any other kind of a video presentation.

Watch our 3d logo animation production showreel video below:

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