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3D logo animation video

We create custom 3d logo animation videos. Animate your logo design with us!

We Transform Your Logo Design Vector Into Super-Nice Logo Animation Video

We can take Your logo design and turn it into 3D logo design. Once it looks shiny and pops out it's ready for the logo animation video creation.
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Logo Animation Video Example

Logo Animation ServiceS

Transforming Your Logo Design Into 3D Animated Logo Video

Quince Creative is animation production company for custom, handcrafted, beautiful and smooth 3D logo animations in full HD1080 or 4k resolution. We create ideal logo animated videos for film, business websites, corporate video presentations, social media pages like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook and any other type of video presentations.

We are specialized in the Logo Animation Creation:

  • Business & corporate 3D logo animation videos
  • 3D logo animations for film and cinema
  • 3D logo animation videos for TV commercials and advertising materials
  • 3D logo animation videos for digital signage led displays and TV kiosks
  • 3D logo intro animations for YouTube channels
  • 3D logo animations for Facebook video covers
  • 3D Logo animations for Twitch channel and game streamers

3D Logo Animation Videos are made by converting a client’s logo design into a 3D models, and then animating those 3D models into a beautiful logo animation video.

Animate Your Logo With Us

Get A 3D Logo Animation Video

Let's transform your logo design into 3d logo design - to be ready for breathtaking 3d animation video mixed with nice special effects like light effects and smoke particles underlined with a beautiful background music & sound effects that will immediately grab viewers attention. Let us show you few examples below.
Example Of Logo Animation TRANSFORMATION - Before AND After
Original Logo Design (Before)
Premiere - 3D Logo Animation Video
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Logo Animation Video We've Created (After)

Very Fast Turnaround

Speedy turnaround times are what makes us special. It usually takes around 3 business days to turn your idea into perfect 3d logo animation intro video that you’ll love.

Your Budget Friendly

Being affordable is our main benefit. Providing our clients with the logo animation service that fits their budget is a win-win for our clients. We are startup friendly company.

Supercharge Your First Impression

By a simply adding an logo animation intro at the beginning of your videos you’ll make them look more professional and they will attract more conversions your way.

Social Media Ready

Our logo animations are ready for all kind of media. From big screen cinema to social media channels like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc… We’ve got you covered!

3D Logo Animation Examples

We offer different 3d logo animation styles for every taste. Please check out some of our best 3d logo animation video projects done for our clients and let's make one for Your business next!
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Logo Animation Intro For Music Festival
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Your Logo Animation Here?

Having A Logo Animation Video – Benefits

Adding logo animation intro to your videos is a nice way to make you more recognizable and to promote your business in a good way. If you publish new videos regularly (what every business should be for the sake of marketing) you can consider animating your logo design to make it more interesting. Most of our clients noticed increase of the video popularity and conversions once they added the animated logo at the beginning of their videos.

In an effort to draw attention to your brand, consider animation. It will improve your catchiness factor (increased impressions), as well as providing the benefits to your business. DesignHill

Logo Animation For Variety Of Businesses

We have pleasure to work with variety of customers from around the world. This includes various logo animations we did for videographers and video producers, music artists, DJs and event organizers, youtube content creators, game streamers and e-sport event organizations, logo animations for sport events & personal trainers, international organizations and many more…

Transform your logo design into awesome 3D logo animation video Today

How About Something Visually Simple But Yet Effective?

If you need something less visually complex and shorter we have a right offer for you. Our 2d logo animation videos are less technically complex but beautiful and budget friendly too. Feel free to check them out below.

2D Logo Animation Design Service

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Additional 2d Logo Animation examples

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Your Logo Animation Here?

Logo Animation Production F.A.Q

How Much Does Logo Animation Cost?

Since we doing custom logo animation every time and it is basically different idea for the animation video production for every new project it is hard to estimate before knowing our client’s initial idea. For this reason we have built logo animation pricing estimation form so you may get the idea of what the logo animation would cost you roughly.

What do you need to get started With The Logo Animation Video Production Process?

For logo animation video project to get started we usually need our client’s logo design in vector format like PDF, EPS or AI as well as if client have some creative ideas or videos that they like the best so we get some initial ideas for the logo animation project.

How long does it take to get a logo animation video done?

It depends on the initial idea of the animation video but most of time it takes between 3-7 business days for full logo animation project completion.

How much revisions can I make?

Client satisfaction is most important aspect of our business. We have zero unsatisfied-clients policy. For best experience we love to hear your ideas first and suggest our view on the storyboard secondly. It is important to make sure that we are on the right track from beginning of the project. That way chances for mistakes and too many revisions are minimized. Depending on the package choosen we might accept unlimited revisions at every stage as long as they are within initial idea and discussion and that are within the scope of the project itself. Turning project in the 180 degrees angle is something that no designer loves.

What if I don’t have a logo design in vector format?

In case that our client don’t have a logo design in vector format most of the time we can trace out raster logo design image into the vector format free of charge. Sometimes this can be a huge amount of work and that time we could charge additional fee for that work. Good thing is that you will have the logo design in vector format and you will be able to use it for anything you may need like printing service, web, video etc…

What if I don’t have a logo design at all

That is not a problem and we have a solution as we offering logo design creation as well. We can do logo design in vector format and send it for Your confirmation first then after your confirmation we can proceed with the logo animation video production phase.

What are the formats of final video deliverables?

We usually delivering our final files in high quality mp4 or Quicktime mov format but we can provide our clients with almost any type of a video container format that they may need and usually without additional fees.

Do I get copyrights on the logo animation video?

Once project is confirmed by our client and paid in full all copyrights are automatically transferred from us to them by default. No additional written agreements is needed.

What if I want to update something in a future?

We keep all our projects safe and backed up for a few years so that should not be a problem. We can deliver project files to you as well for a small fee.