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Unique logo design for your brand

Not only that we do logo animation videos but we also offer the logo design services for your brand, company or a product as well. Either you need new logo design or you want to refresh your current logo branding we would gladly help.

Logo Design By A Team Of Professionals

To be sure that you will get best possible results in your logo design and logo intro video campaign its best to hire us for both services at once. We will make sure that your logo and your logo animation fits your main business or product category.

Multiple Logo Designs For One Company

Logo design for Ballstaedt Law Firm

Our logo designs are provided in latest standard vector formats like AI, EPS or PDF. We make sure that you get your logo design in all color variations like one with the color background, other without background (transparent background for overlays), black and white logo design as well as negative colors.

Logo Design Variations To Choose From

When you hire us for logo design we will provide you with a few initial concepts so you can choose which way we should proceed forward. Few mockup logo designs are great way to give a clients chance to pick one that they like best.

All our logo designs for a client are animation ready which means that all parts of the logo are suitable for extrusion into the third dimension.

Getting logo design and logo intro animation done by a same company have a lot of benefits on a long-time run. So don’t hesitate but contact us now, we would gladly like to hear your ideas and will happily work with you. Our logo design + logo animation services are one of the best ways to boost your brand visibility.

Logo design for Sarah Angel Music (sarahangelmusic.com)

Paying Attention To The Details

Once we start with the logo design for your company or a product we pay attention to every detail and aspect of your business. We study colors, shapes and message your logo have to bring to your potential customer. It is very important that your customer gets a trust into your brand on very first sight.

Multipurpose Logo Design Creation

Our logo design are usable for any kind of a presentation. Beside vector format which is main type of logo design delivery we deliver our designs in various other formats like transparent PNG image, classic JPEG image or any other kind of a raster image format you may need. You can use your logo design for print, web, video, digital signage or any other kind of a digital or physical use. You can use logo design on social media websites as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc…

Superb Logo Design

Logo design for Matty Ice – Youtube channel

Why Choose Us?

  • We are affordable
  • We do our work on time – every time
  • We have exceptional eye in design
  • Delivering high quality results
  • We have excellent communication
  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed
  • We are trusted with over 100 satisfied customers around the globe

Hotel Logo Design

Logo design for Motel Rubin

What We Need To Get Started?

We need main name/title on the logo. Optionally client send us tagline or website link to incorporate under the main title of the logo design. Providing us with a business orientation description would definitely help. Your favorite color preference. Samples of logo you like best (this may help set right course easily, from beginning)

Next step: Logo Animation?

If you want to take a next step in your logo and company promotion lets make an awesome logo intro video animation. We have a impressive experience in the field of logo animation production which you can check on our logo animation production page. We would gladly help.

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