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If you looking for a nice logo intro animation for your video projects we can help with two main kinds of logo animated videos. Please choose one that suits you the best.

2D Logo Animation

Best Bang For The Buck
$ 99
  • Up To 5 Seconds
  • High Quality Mp4 Video
  • HD1080 Resolution
  • Sound Effects Included
  • 48 Hours Est. Turnaround Time
  • One Set Of Revisions Included

Examples Of 2D Logo Animation:

3D Logo Animation

Our Premium Service
$ 299
  • Up To 15 Seconds
  • High Quality Mp4 Video
  • HD1080 Resolution
  • Music & Sound Effects Included
  • 4 Days Est. Turnaround Time
  • One Set Of Revisions Included

Examples Of 3D Logo Animation:

What Are The Core Differences Between 2D And 3D Logo Intro AnimationS

2d logo animations are much visually simpler then 3d logo animations. Basic shapes of the logo design are used and animated along with additional visual elements and effects (for example moving lines, dots and colors) which adds to the visual look of the logo animation video.

3d logo animations are with a limitless visual possibilities. Logo elements are extruded in 3d space along with nicely made edge bevels. Material textures and shaders are implemented on top (for example metallic, stone, plastic). 3d logo animations may include visual effects like light glows, dusts and particles, lens flares, fire and smoke effects etc…

Logo Animation Add-ons

Unlimited Revisions

Get unlimited revisions for your logo animation project.


Priority Speed delivery

Get your logo animation at a double speed or over the weekend.


Additional Formats

Get additional formats like transparent background overlays


4k Resolution Video

Get logo animation video in 4k high resolution format.


Your Idea

You've got a great idea for your logo animation video. Let's talk it out and make something cool.

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