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Designing 3d product animation videos and renders for past 7 years.

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Giving a life to your product by a making an beautiful 3d animated video that shows your product and its features in a best light.
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Our Services: Crafting stunning 3D animation videos of products that capture attention.

3D Product Animation For Child Seat
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With more then 7 years of experience in this field we are an agency specializing in designing 3D product animation videos for products that are seen the daylight as well as products that are still in development.

Most of our clients are wester based businesses that are innovating and creating new products for a global market.

We assist them in showcasing their products through 3D animation videos, helping potential buyers understand the benefits of these products.

In the vast and competitive world of hyper-production, it’s crucial to stand out with compelling materials for social media and advertising channels.

This is where we come in.

We collaborate with our clients to discuss their ideas and suggest the best approach to achieve optimal results within the best time and cost parameters, while maintaining the high quality we are committed to.

To stay at the forefront of technological trends, we utilize the latest software in the 3D industry, including Blender 3D, Unreal Engine, and WebGL frameworks.

In addition to 3D animation videos, we use these cutting-edge technologies to enhance the overall user experience and provide versatile solutions for our clients’ needs.

These tools enable us to create dynamic and interactive 3D product presentations, allowing users to configure products on websites before making a purchase. Find out more about 3d product configurators here.

Some of Our Clients

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More Engaging

3D product animation videos add an element of entertainment. In this digital era, most potential and existing customers have lost interest in traditional content marketing campaigns.

No HardSelling

A product animation video portrays your message in a light-hearted way and gets your sales message across in a soft, unnoticeable manner. The last thing any marketer would want is to appear too pushy; hard selling. 

Cost Effective

Shooting a quality action video could have extensive expenses as you have to budget for props, talent, equipment, sets, production time, casting, and so on. However, an product demo animation video only requires creative input and good software.

Limit: Your Imagination

3D product animated demo video can be used to represent the imagination of the creator. You can use them to give a picture of your new inventions, and this will create curiosity among your potential customers about your new product. 

Product Animation Video Examples

Our 3d product animation video provides a unique opportunity to visually engage with a product even before it has been created or provide a walk-through of its usability as an alternative to expensive high-end video productions. Please see some of our examples below.

Cosmo Water DIspenser 3D Product Animation Video
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Bellamianta - 3D Product Animation Video For Cosmetic Company
Play Video about Bellamianta - 3D Product Animation Video For Cosmetic Company
Ross and Snow 3D Sneaker Product Video
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Modern Steel Pergola Cabana - 3D Product Animation Video
Play Video about Modern Steel Pergola Cabana - 3D Product Animation Video
Audien Hearing Aid 3D Product Animation Video
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Narbutas 3D Product Animation Video
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The Next Wall LED 3D Product Animation
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Pixio Gaming 3D Computer Monitor Product Animation Video
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CardCutz 3D Product Animation
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King Komb 3D Product Animation
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King Grit 3D Product Animation Video
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Sunlake Lighting Systems 3D Product Animation
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We Help Start-up Businesses Design Their 3D Product Animation Videos

From start-ups to large corporations, we assist our customers in creating captivating 3d product videos that highlight their product features and benefits in an exciting way. Recording and presenting real products with professional video producers can be both costly and time-consuming. That’s why our clients love hiring us to produce engaging 3D animated videos for their products.

With 3D animation, the possibilities are endless. We can incorporate materials, textures, and special effects to enhance your product’s appeal, making it more attractive to your customers.

If you’ve ever visited major e-commerce platforms like Amazon sellers, you may have noticed that many products feature 3D still renders and animated videos as their main images/content. These 3D product renders offer a unique and clear presentation, appearing much more polished and stylized compared to traditional product photos.

3D Still Renders For Various Product

Interested in 3d still images or 3d renderings for your product? No problems! We can make a nice looking 3d renderings for your product with different angles included so you can choose best and show the product features. You can use these photorealistic 3d renders to promote your product online or for print materials like brochures and catalogues.

Are you ready to rise your product image to the next level?

Feel free to contact us and we will happily discuss your needs and brainstorm the ideas to present your product to your customers in a best possible visual way.

Carlie & Charlie
Carlie & Charlie
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"We sincerely appreciate you bringing our product vision to life. Thank you for your collaboration and for accommodating all those edits. In the future, we will gladly recommend your services and we look forward to collaborating with you again!"
William Lee
William Lee
Art of Web Design
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"Great work! Despite the complexities of the project, Djordje and his team remained incredibly patient, ensuring every detail was perfected to exceed our expectations."
Duncan Metts
Duncan Metts
Duncan Metts Photography
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"Incredible work and I highly recommend them to anyone interested in their services. I will be using them again in the near future."
Manpreet Chahal
Manpreet Chahal
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"Great work. Met my expectations and delivered much earlier than expected. Would recommend to anyone looking for 3d rendering work."
Cole Williams
Cole Williams
SGM Fabrications
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"Thank you very much for your work on this video. I know it took longer than expected but we are very happy with the final result! You guys did a great job."

Need Realistic 3D Product Animation Out Of Your CAD/Solidworks Drawings?

In very often situations our clients already have a 3d model of a product from the CAD software such are SolidWorks or Fusion 360 and they want us to use these 3d models to create a nice instructional animation video using the CAD files. That’s a no problem for us. We can import the SolidWorks 3d files into our 3d rendering software (Blender 3D) and create nice materials, textures, lights and effects and finally render out beautiful 3d animated video.

Want to learn about our workflow?

Want to learn more about how we proceed with our 3d product animation video projects? No problems! We made a nice article explaining how we tackle these kind of projects.

3D Product Animation Pricing

The cost of creating a 3D product animation can vary significantly based on several factors, including:

  1. Duration of the Video: Longer videos require more time to produce, which increases the overall cost.
  2. Concept and Visual Complexity: Some clients bring highly attractive ideas that are challenging to produce, especially if they involve elements like fluid and smoke simulations, 3D characters, or other special effects. These factors can greatly affect production times. Additionally, the complexity of backgrounds, whether they are intricate cityscapes, detailed interiors, or simple solid colors, also influences the cost.
  3. Timeframe: Even with a team of a dozen people, projects with short deadlines are more challenging to complete on time, which typically increases the cost.
  4. 3D Model Availability: A significant portion of our production time is dedicated to creating the 3D model of the product. When clients provide CAD format 3D models, it helps save on the time and the budget.

How much does 3D product animation cost?

Our General Pricing

If you’ve searched on Google or other platforms for the cost of 3D product animation, you’ve likely seen that Western agencies typically charge between $5,000 and $10,000 per minute of video. However, because of our location and lower living costs, we can offer a different rate—$50 per hour. This means that creating one minute of 3D product animation, using a client-provided 3D model, costs approximately $2,500 to $3,000 per minute of video. By using an existing model, we save on the cost of creating a new one. On average, it takes about 20-30 days to produce one minute of animation. However, this is a rough estimate, as each project has unique requirements. Some videos may be longer or shorter, and the complexity of backgrounds can vary, from intricate designs to simple solid colors.