Kako napraviti svoje vlastite Twitch prelaze sa ovih 10 sjajnih tutoriala

Isn’t streaming the best occupation for someone who likes being in the spotlight, but also loves video games? We agree! Many of us watch streamers, many would like to try themselves out at streaming, and some are determined to make it happen. So after you make a twitch profile, select your awesome streamer name, it’s time to focus on your channel’s graphics. A streamer needs to take care of his streaming graphics, overlays, transitions, buttons etc… That is what your viewers are going to be seeing every time they visit your channel, so you gotta give it some thought! If you’ve got your overlay but you’re searching for some prelaze za strimovanje? Posetite naš Besplatan Epic Streaming Video Transition Pack!

Napravite svoj animirani Twitch Overlay

We’ve got experience in making animations & transitions for streamers. We know it can be difficult starting off, dealing with fierce competition while demands come from all sides. That is why we have decided to make this article, to help you napravite vlastite animirane prelaze za strimere! Za početak, trebaće vam samo verzija Adobe Photoshop-a i Adobe After Effects-a i malo strpljenja i kreativnosti. Moguće je kreirati neke od ovih u jednostavnijim softverima za editovanje, kao što su Adobe Premiere i Vegas Pro, ali možda nećete moći da napravite svaki detalj ove animacije, zato vam predlažemo After Effects. Pokušaćemo da ostavimo kratak opis svakog tutoriala, pa možete izabrati jedan i početi kreiranje vašeg striming prelaza!

 Da li vam treba motion grafika za vaše gejming strimovanje? Možemo vam pomoći! Slobodno proverite naše radove za logo intro video ili uzmite jedan za vaš strim. Kliknite ovde da saznate više! 

editovanje photoshop slika napravite svoj

Napravite svoj animirani strim intro/otvaranje

At the beginning of every stream, there is an intro. If you’ve got a channel intro, you can re-use that, or use one of many templates available online. You could also try to make one yourself, and here is how you can do that! Editing the colors and fonts after you’ve mastered the basics, will allow you to have a unique intro that you also made yourself. That feels really satisfying! We encourage creativity, but we also know that we are all short on time, more times than not. Sometimes, it is indeed just easier to let the work to the professionals. But if today is not such a day for you, good luck, we will be cheering you on! 🙂

Napravite svoj vlastiti animirani strim baner

When a viewer is introduced to your channel, while scrolling through thousands of available streams, they only take a few seconds to decide if they are going to stay or leave. Make them stay by proving that you’re a serious streamer! Having a banner on top of your gaming stream, that would include your most important details such as your streaming name or website, will surely catch their attention. I can give you a significant advantage over the competition. This tutorial is simple, and it provides you with an animated banner for your stream. You will only need Adobe After Effects – you can start creating immediately.

Napravite svoj animirani overlay kamere

You must know that streams without camera looks suspicious, therefore you must have invested into a nice webcam to accompany your stream. Once you install it, there’s only one step left, and that is getting an animated camera overlay. Surely, you can use one of free ones available online, but making your own will make you be able to say that you’ve really put a lot of work in your stream. If you want to go a step further, you can contact our team and get a unique creative camera overlay according to your wishes, but if you are a new streamer, take a shot at creating your own.  If your creativity gets to be showcased on your own stream, it is a great combo to attract viewers! 🙂

Napravite svoju animiranu tranziciju ekrana

Koliko vas voli striming? Are you the streamer that sticks to his favorite game, or the one that tries everything new for his fans? In both cases, you will need some screen transitions to go from one match to another, or perhaps from one game to another. This animated screen transition will fit with almost any channel design, because of its simplicity and room for change. While editing it, switch up a few colors, and it’s a whole new transition! Use it in your streams, and in case you get enough of it, take one of the free transitions we created & provided for you in our OBS / Twitch Video Transition Pack!

Ovo je kreirano od strane QuinceMedia, i potpuno je besplatno! Za više informacija kako koristiti i detalje za svaki prelaz, posetite naš poseban članak posvećen isključivo ovoj našoj kreaciji.

Napravite svoju animiranu pozadinu

Šarena pozadina za kratke pauze ili učitavanje ekrana može poboljšati kvalitet vašeg toka sa velikom marginom. Vaši fanovi će videti da se brinete o svom strimu, uzimajući u obzir i najmanji detalj! Ovaj tutorial, koji zahteva Adobe Photoshop i Adobe After Effects, pokazaće vam kako napraviti vlastitu futurističku, šarenu pozadinu. U nekoliko koraka možete dobiti od jednostavne crno-bele baze, do veličanstvene animirane pozadine visokog kvaliteta. Samo sledite uputstva i sigurno ćete uspeti.

Here’s a really quick tutorial: the animated line is already there, waiting just for your streaming information. As an additional tip, we suggest you add some color correction to this line, and make it stand out in the colors of your stream, instead of keeping it blue. If your stream is blue, you’re lucky today, cause you’ve got even less work to do! It does feel like it was never, ever easier to napraviti svoje animirane twitch prelaze, zar ne? 🙂

Make Your Own Animated Design – League of Legends

And finally, if you are a fan of League of Legends, and you enjoy streaming this game, you’ll love these free animated designs for League of Legends! We honestly wish there were more of them, but maybe you’ll be luckier, and find a design of your favorite champion for your stream, somewhere on the internet.

Finally, Make Your Own…. TWITCH STREAM!

Pre nego što počnete sa strimovanjem, predlažemo da pogledate ovaj podcenjeni, kratki video koji sumira sve što vam je potrebno kao novom strimeru. AlphaGaming includes a few good tips, and some nice ideas for you, and also some more information that you will find useful sooner or later. This channel also offers some free alerts and graphics, so check them out too, in case you’ve made your other graphics and feel like your creativity has had enough training for one day! 🙂

Alerts are nice, little pieces of graphic that can throw smiles on your viewers’ faces, and we all know that’s a simple way to keep them glued to your stream. Insert some alerts for your new subscribers, let everyone know that people ARE following your stream! Twitch is all about who can draw in the crown with both their awesome gaming skills and charisma. Cute alerts help your charisma score, and cool ones boost your gaming score – just like in some of our favorite games!

twitch mobile phone streamer

Tutoriali always leave us wanting more. But that is exactly their charm! Often, we get a brand new idea from watching a simple tutorial. All the creativity that we express afterwards, all started from an educational video… This is why watching tutorials and practicing can take us all very far into our favorite editing direction! In case you do decide this is too much hassle or you’re more interested in gejming nego što je uređivanje (što je vrlo normalno, bili biste urednik ako vam se više svidelo uređivanje nego striming :D) Kontaktirajte nas i možemo vam pomoći na vašem putovanju do savršenog strima!

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