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About the captain 🚢

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Djordje (spelled as George). I am creative dude from my early ages. Captain of the Quince Media ship and most of time I lead the projects and communicate with our clients. Working in the industry of 3d animated videos production from around late 90’s. 

Beside three kids that I got and my beautiful wife which are my top achievements and the best love I am proud to say that over the past decades I got trusted by a hundreds of satisfied clients from around the globe. 

I have worked for some of the biggest names of broadcast stations here in Serbia (more about Serbia as a country below) as well as I did outsourced my work for various digital agencies word-wide.

Always open for a new ideas and looking forward to work on a exciting new projects.

My hobbies: I am passionate cyclist, fitness lover and music producing hobbyist. 

At Quince Media our main aspect of business is to be on time and budget friendly for our clients. We have a wast experience in the field of animated video production for web and broadcast.

We don’t separate our projects by a size. Our every client gets same treatment as another though we love to make long term connections and so far we had many returning and happy clients.

If you are in search for animation video production of any kind feel free to contact us. We will gladly love to discuss your ideas with you and about your past or future projects.

Now, let’s show you exactly where we come from! 🙂

The Beautiful Home Of Quince Media - Serbia

Quince Media resides in a small country of south-eastern Europe, known for it’s tradition, famous important people and great food. Serbia – a beautiful land often overlooked! When you hear the name of our country, many different associations follow. Maybe the field you are most likely to hear about Serbia in is actually – sport.
Other than excelling at team sports, such as basketball, waterpolo, handball & more, one Serbian tennis player achieved so much that he is now widely known; his name is Novak Djokovic. He occupied the number 1 spot on the men ATP list for such a long time, that every tennis fan must have heard of him! And we are proud to say that this amazing tennis player & amazing person (He even owns a charity organization) is our countryman! 🙂
novak djokovic tennis player
Many of you might have heard of Nikola Tesla, a famous inventor who was Serbian, even though he spent a huge part of his life in the United States. Today, there is a museum dedicated to this great person – in New York!
EXIT music festival Serbia

Exit - EDM Music Festival

As very passionate music lovers ourselves, we cannot miss the fact that the best electronic music festival in Europe takes place right here in Serbia, more accurately, in the Fortress of Novi Sad. EXIT has built it’s name over a long course of years and earned it’s title. Every year, people from all over the world storm in for a unique one-week experience, and to see the best DJs and artists all in one place – well, technically, many stages – so you can pick and visit them all with just one entrance ticket. No wonder we live creating music promotional videos, when we are surrounded by such opportunities!
Nisville jazz festival

Nishville - Jazz Music Festival

In Serbia there is a music festival for everyone. If JAZZ is your jam, head over to Nish to experience Nishville – and stay for an international movie festival and some of the best traditional Serbian food.
guca traditionall folk festival

Guca - Folk Music Festival

celebrating in a positively chaotic atmosphere is something you’d like to see and take part in; you should definitely check out GUCA: a festival overflowing with food, drinks and A LOT of trumpets!

Serbian FOOD!

Let’s not forget to clarify all of this beautiful food that was mentioned. There is something for everyone: meat-lovers have a great time in Serbia, but vegetarians would definitely have some marvelous dishes to try as well! Here is a small overview on the Serbian cuisine:

How it looks to be Canadian in Serbia

We believe that, the most important of all, Serbia is a country of good people. If you ever find yourself in Serbia, we believe the following would happen: they’d prepare and offer home made food, teach you a few useful Serbian words, take you with them to watch a basketball match, and tell you thousands of regional jokes – all just because you were interested in learning and you gave them a smile and a chance.

At Quince Media we are proud to be founded in this country of good-willed people. And as our dear country men would do, let’s make a toast for our future collaboration. Ziveli!

champagne toast drinking