Learn More About Our Rates

How much do we charge?

We do love to say that we try to suit every customer by a letting our customers know how much they will pay at the end of the design process. So we base our rates per project instead per hour. As every project and idea is totally different best way for us to create a right quote for Your projects is to discuss the idea and provide us with as much as possible details first. Also it is important to know that sometimes idea may sound simple but it can be technically very complex to execute it right way. For example fluid 3d simulations like water or smoke effects. Or to have a few animated kids running around in the video. 3d animated animals and puppies as well.

Projects from $200-$500

To introduce you to our rates we would like to show you few examples with the rough quotes below. It is portant to say that we usually include reasonable amount of revisions in the quote as well as background music and sound effects.
In this price range we are offering 2d logo animated videos and basic 3d logo animations that are similar to what you may find in the examples below.

Projects from $500-$1000

In this price range we are offering our best bang for the buck. Thos are more complex 3d logo animations as well as some shorter product 3d animated videos in HD or 4K resolution. Please find examples below.

Projects from $1000+

In this price range we can show you some of our higher tier 3d logo animation projects as well as extended length 3d product animations and animated adverts for broadcast.