Our standard

Workflow procedure

We are usually asked to explain what do our production process looks like. So we will try in a few short lines to explain how we do approach our projects of creating a 3d product animation videos. 

We split our production in four different stages that are listed below:

  1. Building of a product 3d model 
  2. Concepts renders design
  3. Production of what we call Animatic (animated storyboard)
  4. Going into details and rendering full quality video for final review

1. Building of a product 3d model

Most of the time our customers are unable to provide us with a 3d model of their product so we are need to create one. To be able to create 3d model we ask our customers to take a bunch of photos of their products from various sides as straight as possible. Once we are provided with enough photos we are able to create a most accurate version of the product. 

Product Reference Photos Provided By Customer
3D Product Models Made By Us

2. Concept Renders Design

Once our customers are happy with the look of 3d model we are ready to start working on the second stage of our 3d product animation video production and that is a design of a few concept renders where we use 3d model of a product that we built before and putting it into various different environments/stages to find best suitable background based on the idea that we discussed with out customers.

The backgrounds can be dark, cinematic, colorful, teenage, techy, abstract and so on. Sky is a limit.

Concept Renders For A Watch Product Video

3. Production of  the Animatic (animated storyboard)

The next stage after 3d product renders are signed-off by our customers is a production of the animatic (animated storyboard) where our customers will be able see the general flow of the animation, its audio-visual synchronization (choice of the music track), length of the scenes as well as montage of the video elements.

The animatic is usually rendered in a only few colors or in grayscale. Many small (but important) details are intentionally left out to save on the animation production time and costs and to be able to listen on our client’s inputs and to make necessary changes quickly. It is usually best to make changes at this particular phase. 

An Animatic Video For Watch Product

4. Rendering full quality video for final review

One of the last stages in our 3d product animation video production is us diving into the details and rendering out full quality video for our customer’s final review. At this stage we are fixing the textures, materials, lights and look of the elements. We are rendering out image sequences on which we do post production touches such are visual and sound effects. 

Once this stage is completed, full quality video is sent for final review and confirmation after we mark our project as completed. 

Full Quality Rendering Video For Watch Product

Few more examples

Please find below few more examples of animatic/full quality video so you can get idea of how they differentiate. 


Full Quality Video


Full Quality Video


Full Quality Video

We hope that this short piece of text help a tad to understand our process of designing a beautiful 3d product animated videos that we do professionally. If you are in doubt feel free to head over to contact us page and we will try to answer all questions you may have.

Notice: We are currently fully scheduled until August. Please take this into consideration when inquiring us. Thanks!