Best 3D Product Animation Videos That Are CrowdFunding Ready

New era of getting your product prototype alive has begun past years. It is fairly easily to get funded by a using new crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. But for that you’ll need amazing product animation video to present your prototype to the world in a best possible way. Many creators using a successful way of presenting they product and that is a mix of live footage where they talk about they product and an 3d product animation video to showcase the product itself.
Today we picked up some of the best 3d product animated videos out there to show what is possible in todays world of 3d rendered images. So lets start.

Best 3D Product Animation Videos For Kickstarter

1. AKG K545 3D Product Animation Video

Amazingly executed product 3d animated video for headphones model and manufacturer AKG. Beautiful camera cuts and details that makes this product video stand above others. Embedded text moving along the camera to fit this animated commercial in a discrete way and to show key features of this 3d audio product.

Credits: NEW DAY studio

2. Huawei Mate 9 Product 3D Animation

Another impressive 3d product animated video by a Huawei mobile phones manufacturer. Its a great competition among the best cell phones manufacturers so they have to be best of best at showcasing their new products via product animated video.

Credits: Aidan Gibbons

3. Rolex Watch 3D Product Video

One of the top wristwatch production companies have their product displayed thought the using of 3d animation. Beautiful close up shoots of this watch are just slick and modern. Slow camera movement to display this 3d product in a best light. Awesome rendered imagery here. We have no right words that can express beauty of this 3d rendering video.

Credits: Jan Elsner

4. Estelon Extreme Audio 3D Product Rendering

Another 3d product animation video for audio technology production company. This product video presenting brand new audio speaker in 3d view. Camera is slowly spinning around showing key features of this new product. Text titles are revealed by a movement of the 3d product. This product 3d animation has no background music but only sound effects that makes this video dramatic and powerful.

Credits: Tolm

5. RAZR Fit Xtreme 3D Product Animation Video

This time we presenting you product animation for a sport goods manufacturer company. Golf is one of the highest paid sports and for that reason product reveal videos have to be presented by a top quality 3d animations. In this powerful product 3d animated video we can see zoomed feature of the 3d product itself. This product animation comes with a powerful music background that just catches the attention.

Credits: Leviathan

6. Urban Armor Gear Product 3D Demo Video

Eye catchy product 3D animation for a new phone case. Splendid camera angles that transition this video from one scene to another are top notch. 3D Product is showcased from every angles and its aspects are shown with a nice animation. Combination of black and white and opposite scenes making this video more powerful and dramatic via adding a strong contrast in between 3d scenes.

Credits: VeracityColab

7. ZUUP Product 3D Product Animation

Nice product 3d animation video for pharmaceutical pill management product. We can see the product from different angles showcased trough whole video. Key aspect as shown along with text titles so viewer gets clear the message. Nicely made 3d model reflections and shaders adds to the beauty of the 3d product.

Credits: Aymeric Lepage

8. Kaster Chair Product Animation Video

Less complex but still amazingly well done product 3d demo video for a chair manufacturer company. Smooth movements on the screen and beautiful rendering quality showcasing this product in a best light. Key points are shown via textual titles that are connected to the product elements via shaping lines. Electronic music background adding touch to the overall audio-visual impression.

Credits: Neiko srl

9. Maxon Motor Product 3D Rendering Video

And for the end we keep the best. Product 3d animation video for a small electric motor manufacturing company. This video starts with a scenes that show product used in the aircraft industry. Then it connects to the next scenes via beautiful designed 3d titles. High quality glossy and luxury rendering is at the top level of the 3d rendering services industry.

Credits: frame eleven

There is a lot more 3d product animated videos to be show on this page but that would make it really long. Those are some of the best product videos handpicked by us and probably first part of many sequels yet to come that we plan to make about very same theme.

If you are business owner that looks for a nice and well produced product 3d animation video for your prototype or the crowdfunding campaign please let us know. We can help you by a creating immersive 3d animated videos for your product no matter in which production phase it is at the moment. Feel free to contact us and we will gladly discuss our next steps. Also feel free to check out our 3d product animation page for some of our recent works for our clients.

Djordje Komljenovic

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Djordje Komljenovic is a professional 3d animation and motion graphics designer for over past 20 years. He is owner and creative director at Quince Creative agency. Previously, he was working-force of a few of major television stations in here Serbia - hired as motion graphics producer.

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